Watered Down Awards

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From Kanye West’s ridiculously overly dramatic, egotistical, self appreciation after accepting his award, to Tim McGraw proclaiming that he wants to live like he’s dying, it was apparent to me that the Grammy awards were nothing more than a shameless promotion of the artists that the corporations want people to listen.

9//11 Everyday

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As we prepare to beat our nationalistic chests on the anniversary of a horrendous tragedy we will obviously honor the sacrifices that were made that day but the senseless murder will continue. We love to boast about the abundance of resolve and tenacity contained inside our souls but rarely seem to acknowledge the spirit of a people in a foreign …

It’s a Materialistic Life!

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As I write to you from my comfortably furnished sanctuary on my top of the line Dell computer with a cable modem, I feel obliged to vent on the almost epidemic propensity of Americans to take comfort in obtaining material objects. We are all relatively guilty of splurging on inanimate items and then comparing these lifeless monstrosities to what our …

Too Free With Our Money

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One morning as we wipe the sharp crust that has settled on the corner of our dried out eyelids, we will begin to realize how utterly exposed we are to another terrorist threat due to the ineptitude of Homeland Security and the diversion of the Iraq conflict. The unfounded number of dollars and resources that have been poured into that …

Broken Borders or Broken Nation?

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The latest over hyped catastrophe that has been circulating throughout the pre packaged and deeply infected news landscape is the bogus claim that the current wave of illegal immigration is obliterating the middle class structure in America. I’m referring to the bigoted misinformation that was unloaded when the story about H.R.4437 broke through the media a few weeks back even …

A Bloody Reminder

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February 21 marked the anniversary of the murderous and most unspeakable abomination that ended the controversial but world-shattering life of Malcolm X. As you would most likely imagine, this sullen occasion has been disregarded by the main stream media outlets and has become an unfortunate after thought. It’s so convenient for the consumerist spirited masses to neglect this essentially monumental …

The Struggle From Inside

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As someone living with a crippling affect of Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and someone who has seen a copious amount of his brethren fall victim to this indiscriminate assault on our sacred temple, I’ve had to carry on with that pain but one day I woke up to the realization that I can help others learn how to cope. Muscular Dystrophy …

Melodic Monstrosity

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The musical maturity of System of a Down (SOAD) has propelled them to the forefront of the alternative metal heap and silenced the critics who had labeled the group as a loud screeching disorganized swell of noise. That’s not to say that these tortured artists lost their maniacal sharpness and uncontrollable propensity to rattle skulls and get your adrenaline flowing, …

Too Much Kong

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With a budget of over 200 million and a talented team of special effects wizards that also worked on the Lord of the Rings trilogy it seemed as if Peter Jackson would be able to recapture the sense of adventure or danger that the original film, King Kong, ach department phone so beautifully portrayed. Unfortunately for Jackson, he literally took …