Mixed Reviews: What’s Your View?

Hi Nathasha, I want to respond to, or at least riff off, your commentary on Obama. You brought up some salient points, I think, and I’d like to write about a couple of them. You’re right, obviously … [Read more...]

Yup! More Voices Heard

Hi Nathasha, I just wanted to comment on your Obama article. I agree with you 100%. Those who can't see why he got elected are clueless. To be honest, I'd never heard of him until he annouced he was … [Read more...]

“No Limits” on Sports For Children

TAMPA, Fla., February 13, 2008 - - On Saturday, February 16th, Shriners Hospitals for Children - Tampa will be hosting the "No Limits" sports event in conjunction with Hillsborough County Parks, … [Read more...]

Keep It Coming ! We Love It!

Tashauna, read your article in Audacity's December issue, it was so simple and meaningful and put into words better than I ever could how I feel. Keep up the great work. Rick Richard E. … [Read more...]

Criticism and Kudos: The Way to a Better Audacity!

Nathasha, That was a great article about the MDA Telethon I have heard on the news and in the newspapers a few years ago that Jerry Lewis gets a percentage of the money he raises I have also … [Read more...]

Reaction To Articles about Matt Roloff

Why don't you list Dwarfism as a Disability? You find it important to Honor Matt ( I agree that Matt is a Vanguard in the Dwarf Community) yet, your "magazine" doesn't list Litte People of America … [Read more...]

Reaction to September’s Issue in September! WOW!

Hi Nathasha, I read your article about Telethons with interest. For years in Australia we have had telethons with no protests, but I understand that overseas it is different. ach department phone … [Read more...]

Readers Wired Over the Internet

The day I received my computer was a complete life changing moment for me. It’s no exaggeration that’s it’s probably saved my life. I have Muscular Dystrophy and don’t get around well. I don’t get out … [Read more...]

Enough with the Stares!

Dear Audacity, How rude can people be? I am tired of people thinking they have the right to ask about my private life as if I were an open textbook. Recently, I went to the grocery store and … [Read more...]