Can I Have More Blood and Guts On my Popcorn Please!

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If you like fun, scary and gory horror films, that don’t require a lot of thinking, then Final Destination 3 is the movie for you. This film only requires three things from its audience; first, the $8.50 admission price, second, suspension of one’s disbelief and third, a fear of death.

It can’t stand up against classic horror films such as Psycho or Night of the Living Dead, but it was an entertaining film.

This is the third installment in the highly successful trilogy about cheating death and the consequences to be paid when you don’t meet your maker on schedule. It isn’t really necessary to see the first two films; each can stand on its own. Usually sequels fall short of the original entry.

This was true of the second film in the series, but the third installment was just is good as the first one.

Surprise scares jumping out of their seats. The death scenes, however, were exaggerated and unbelievable fun to watch.

FD 3 takes place six years after the first film. This time the story is set during a senior class trip to an amusement park. Wendy, one of the senior girls has a premonition of a horrible roller coaster accident, which tragically ends her life and the lives of her friends.

When she manages to avert the natural order of things, she changed death’s plan. All three films portray death as an unseen and malevolent force of nature rather then an entity wearing a black hood and carrying a sickle.

This fear of our ultimate demise is a common theme in horror films. The idea of cheating death has been the basis of many horror stories most notably Frankenstein. Horror cinema provides the viewer a safe and controlled way to experience their fears and terror at a safe distance.

This is also true of roller coasters, where riders pay for a terrifying experience that ends when the ride stops.

It has been said that there are many ways to die, and director James Wong comes up with a lot of new and inventive ways to die. As a diehard fan of the genre, I enjoyed this film.

However, it isn’t for everyone especially the faint of heart and the squeamish. There is a lot of blood and guts in Final Destination 3.

Three out of five stars!

Rated: R
Running time: 115 minutes
Director: James Wong
Distributed by: New Line Cinema