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Not Working Wasn’t An Option for Athena

In Audacious People, Features by Athena Cooper2 Comments

I never kept track of the number of broken bones I had growing up as a small, fragile child with OI, (Osteogenesis Imperfecta). Perhaps thirty fractures in all, but that would only be a guess. I do know I spent a good deal of time recovering from those fractures and the surgeries designed to make my bones stronger. My parents, …

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Jon Morrow from Boost Blog Traffic

In Audacious People, Features by Nathasha Alvarez3 Comments

Almost two years ago, I met Jon Morrow at NMX in Las Vegas. He was the only speaker at the conference with a physical disability yet, he doesn’t write or speak about living with Muscular Dystrophy. It takes a back seat in his life. Having physical disabilities shouldn’t stop us from pursuing

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Ten 4 Life Movement with Jeremie Phe Phenom

In Audacious People by Nathasha Alvarez12 Comments

Let’s face it. As people with physical disabilities, we have it rougher than the able-bodied community. When I hear able-bodied people complain about having rough lives, I roll my eyes and literally roll away. I have no time to hear these whiners. As people with physical disabilities, we can’t shake

The Pied Piper’s Taps

In Audacious People, Features, My Piece of the Sky by Karen Lynn0 Comments

Al Gilbert, the legendary “Pied Piper of Dance,” was born, Allesandro Zicari, on July 12, 1921. Al came from a generation in time, when people valued one another and truly cared. During that time, people really seemed to genuinely treasure one another’s friendships and supported their endeavors. This was in an age and era without technology. Thus, people reached out …