Mom and Baby: No Regrets

SINGLE MOM Single and disabled is the foundation of my life. I never dreamed I’d have children in a million years and the very thought of it seemed unreachable and impossible. I was born with … [Read more...]

From a Mom to her Baby

Dear [Not-A-Baby-Anymore], One of the first questions that strangers ask when they see us together is, “Is that your daughter?” There is always an awkward pause that follows my usual response: … [Read more...]

OI Motherhood

When I began to write a article about motherhood, being a mother with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), I had to take a long pause. I have taken many pauses in my life, but this one proved different. … [Read more...]


I remember my mother’s words Of the day that I was born. She wanted a girl after so many boys Then she got me – oh the joy. They said "It’s a girl!" My mom thrilled to the gills But, oh dear, … [Read more...]


T.G.F.F. Thank Goodness For Family. I sure do love mine. My hysterectomy is done – the surgery went well and I’m healing slowly but nicely. After two nights in the hospital, it was over. It was … [Read more...]

Post Surgery Worries

Waiting, Wondering and Worrying Okay, I confess. I’m scared. Nervous. A wee bit apprehensive. About my upcoming hysterectomy, that is. By the time you’re reading this, I’m sure I’ll be home from the … [Read more...]


Throughout my whole life people have told me about myself. They say things like, "You’re so strong." "You’re so brave." "You’ve got an amazing attitude." And they often want to know, "How do you do … [Read more...]

Taking Advantage of Life

This month’s theme at Audacity is "Taking Advantage". I wasn’t sure what I had to say on the subject, so I kept putting off my article. Then, one day, I wrote a particular post on my blog based off … [Read more...]

First Vacation for Spina Bifida Mom Since Baby

Ella is fast approaching her 4th birthday. She’s growing up. No longer can I pretend that she’s a toddler - she’s definitely a little girl. She’s more independent than ever and I have considerably … [Read more...]