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A Wheelchair Wheel Conundrum

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I was having one of the best conversation with a woman when I realized, once again, I was faced with an awkward moment, “The Wheelchair Wheel conundrum.” I had responded to a dating profile on an online dating site and the next thing I knew, I had been talking for hours with what seemed to be the perfect match!

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Disabled People Penalized for Getting Married

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Guest Contributor29 Comments

I am elated that the Supreme Court ruled today in favor of marriage equality for same-sex and some transgender couples. Poetically, it is a day that is very special to me as it would have been my grandparents’ 72nd anniversary. I have never seen anyone as in love as my grandparents, who celebrated over 60 years together when they were …

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Inspiration Porn Debate

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On a recent day last April, during a speech at the Ted-X conference in Australia, disabled activist Stella Young coined a new phrase that has since rocked the disabled community.  Her term, “Inspiration Porn”, referred to posters, internet memes, media stories and real-life examples

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Assumptions Are Demeaning

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Jessica Pelasky0 Comments

A few weeks ago, I accompanied Mom to Kroger’s grocery store to do a little shopping. We get to the checkout counter and as the cashier is ringing us up, she glances down at me over the groceries and says “Hello,” in which I respond back with a polite “Hi, how are you?” She then proceeds to have a slight …

Simple remodeling

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By doing a few simple home up-grades on overlooked items it will lessen the burden later. To live safer and healthier use natural bio-based renewable materials to remodel your home. Plus, you will be saving energy while doing your part to leave a positive impact on the environment. Well, let’s explore your home. What easy, environmental, and cost-effective adjustments can …

Reflection of a Woman

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Sofia Brenes0 Comments

Growing up with O.I. made me realize that I was different from everyone else around me but at the same time I didn’t care of how others perceived me as. My short body and shiny wheelchair didn’t faze me until I entered high school. I guess many can say that high school was an eye-opening experience to the “real world” …