Jeremie Phe Thomas Phenom

Ten 4 Life Movement with Jeremie Phe Phenom

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Jeremie Phe Thomas Phenom

Photo Credit: Jason Ferguson of Phenom Productions

Let’s face it. As people with physical disabilities, we have it rougher than the able-bodied community. When I hear able-bodied people complain about having rough lives, I roll my eyes and literally roll away. I have no time to hear these whiners. As people with physical disabilities, we can’t shake away our situation but that doesn’t mean we have the right to stay home, lick our wounds and complain louder than them. Take it from Miami Heat Wheels’ point guard, Jeremie Phe Phenom Thomas, people with physical disabilities were meant for greatness.

Even before he was born, Jeremie was already fighting the fight. Jeremie’s mother was involved in a car accident when she was six months pregnant with him. As a result, he was born with Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida. But he’s not home whining about life. He’s chosen to take his life and start what he calls a “Ten 4 Life” movement. According to Jeremie, “The movement is a way of life. From the street to the world. Make an impact. Leave your mark.”

And ever since he was a little kid, Jeremie has stood out while sitting down. When Jeremie wanted extremely expensive chrome wheels for his wheelchair, he wrapped them up in aluminum foil. How’s that for a pimped out ride?
There’s something about Jeremie that mesmerizes the people. He’s got that “Je ne sais quoi” about him. If there were a movie based on his life, he’d want Lorenz Tate to play him. I’m inclined to agree. When he told me about his high school afternoon “taxi rides” with the ladies, I knew he knew that he had “IT” too.

Guys, take notes! Turns out that, Jeremie didn’t like the high school bus picking him up so early in the morning and making so many stops in the afternoon, he remedied that situation by pushing his wheelchair two miles each way to school. In the afternoon, he’d give the pretty girls a ride on his lap at no charge, of course. Smooth operator!

Not everything was that simple to fix. Growing up, Jeremie had to take some hits when he was being physically and verbally bullied in school. But he found that his removable wheelchair armrests made great defense weapons. He’s taken a licking and kept on ticking. He’s not about sitting there without putting up a fight. That’s part of his “Ten 4 Life” philosophy that he wants all of us to adopt! Count me in!

Jeremie’s not one of those people with physical disabilities who hasn’t seen the dangers of life. Living a couple of blocks away from a high crime neighborhood, he could easily use his innocent looks to avoid the cops and sell drugs on the street. Because seriously, how many people in wheelchairs do you see getting busted for selling crack on the television show, “COPS”?
But not Jeremie! He saw his father go away for 17 years for that kind of life. Jeremie’s chosen not to be a chip off the old block.

Instead he turned to sports and music. Phenom, as he is known when he raps, produces and records music in his home studio where he lives with his brothers and grandfather spreads his “Ten 4 Life” message through his lyrics and beats. He wants to take his movement around the world so others know that it doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not, you are great and you can make a difference in the world.

Between practices as a point guard for the Miami Heat Wheels and spitting lyrics for his fans, Jeremie Phe Thomas, one hot looking dude on wheels, sees himself having an audacious journey and wants you to join him.
Check out his song “Bring that Heat” here and catch up with his team here.

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  • Linda Bernstein

    Thanks for letting me know about this young man. He rocks, er, I mean, rolls!

  • jeremie phe thomas

    Thanks for the complement 🙂 #Ten4Life

  • PriscillaC_78

    Great story and music video, Jeremie! As a person with a disability from birth, I do have to say that, able-bodied or not, no one knows what burdens other people have so I have a hard time dismissing someone who might be seen as a whiner at times. Sure, I have to worry about access and health issues, but I have never felt unloved or unwanted, nor was I ever abused in any form. I am extremely fortunate for that, and I never have taken that for granted. I’m just saying that it’s too easy to be upset by other people’s actions or words, so I just let them vent and move on. For those who are incessantly complaining, then AVOID!!! 🙂

  • jeremie phe thomas

    @PriscillaC_78 Thanks and I Agree… “we’re all apples from a different tree but bare the same fruit (Common Emotions) some ripe some spoiled”. its usually the able-bodied that does most of the (nagging like a fly at barbecue) that needs that inspirational jolt of motivation and im pretty sure its vice-versa can’t knock it though in our position we can make such “Brilliant Life Coaches”……
    🙂 #Ten4Life



  • Jeremie, your story, outlook and approach to life is remarkable. Getting to know you over the past year+ has been an honor, and you continue to inspire me each and every day. I look forward to everything great that you are destined for, and the remarkable things we will accomplish together! #AspireToInspire #10-4

  • Nathasha Alvarez

    That’s beautiful. I think your little guy is great!

  • jeremie phe thomas

    @Carlresay: Thanks Mom im Cheesing ((TEAR DROP))
    @Mikey Mike: You’ve made a Greater impact on my life Big BRO and And Soo did BIG SIS Shaina i greatly appreciate it #CrankUP #10•4
    @Nathasha: you add spark to my life as well AUDACIOUS at its BEST the was an incredible interview had fun love your audacious personality looking forward to more future collaboration 🙂

  • Carlresay Thomas-Wisdom

    Everytime I read this article it makes my hair stands up on my arms I LOVE this young man that God has blessed me with. He’s a great uncle, friend and person. Jeremie Phe D Thomas love without pretense. I’m better thanbblessed to say thank you GOD for my blessing.

  • Sarah

    I love this post! I would love to speak with Jeremie, this is what I would like to achieve through the differently-abled show. I want to show people that although we may do some things in different ways everyone is able to achieve greatness. Thank you very much for your post and all that you are doing.

  • Nathasha Alvarez

    Hey there Sarah, I will definitely let him know. How can he get in touch with you?

  • jeremie phe thomas

    Whats Up Sarah, I’d love to collaborate with you how can i get touch with you? 🙂