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Happy Hotel Hopping

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I love traveling and staying at hotels. It’s part of the diva lifestyle that I’ve always wanted. As a child, hotels were fun! I remember going on a family road trip on my birthday and my mom found a hotel with a beautiful indoor pool located in the middle of …

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Independently Dependent

In Columns, My Piece of the Sky by Guest Contributor1 Comment

Editor’s note: I met César Bazúa on Twitter. His story was interesting and I thought I’d give him a chance to share it with everyone. But I never imagined this. It’s truly well written and whether you have a spinal cord injury or not, it resonates with almost everyone. Read …

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My Life Doesn’t Belong On Waiting List

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Society sees having a disability as an enigma. There is nothing complex or misfiring when it comes to a person with a disability. Yes, we are constantly dismissed, looked over, and ignored. And by some far-fetched chance, we have heard it is simply just a stopgap to appease us. As …