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Independently Dependent

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Editor’s note: I met César Bazúa on Twitter. His story was interesting and I thought I’d give him a chance to share it with everyone. But I never imagined this. It’s truly well written and whether you have a spinal cord injury or not, it resonates with almost everyone. Read …

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My Life Doesn’t Belong On Waiting List

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Society sees having a disability as an enigma. There is nothing complex or misfiring when it comes to a person with a disability. Yes, we are constantly dismissed, looked over, and ignored. And by some far-fetched chance, we have heard it is simply just a stopgap to appease us. As …

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Bon Voyage in a Wheelchair

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A cruise is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a luxurious, highly accessible vacation. As I’ve progressed (regressed?) from being a wall hugger to using a cane to using a manual then a power wheelchair, my objective was always to not give up on my passion for travel. I’ve …

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Stop Using the Term SPED

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Stop using the word SPED! SPED means Special Education. Obviously, we all know how much able bodied people love the word “special” when referring to people with disabilities. This topic has been on my mind for years! I have done everything in my power to bring it to the attention …

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Art Wins by Default

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Editor’s Note: I found Katherine’s post about her art work with Rod Stewart’s album cover and I knew immediately that she needed to be on AudacityMagazine. At first, she was going to be interviewed but her writing definitely does a much better job of expressing herself than any interviewer could …