A Passion for Living

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Passion. A powerful emotion, such as love, joy, hatred, or anger (taken from TheFreeDictionary.com).

Passion is the driving force behind love, behind the competitive spirit that pushes athletes like Michael Jordon to excel above all others.

Passion. When it gets into your veins, it lifts you higher, takes you further, allows you to hurtle mountains you never dreamed of climbing before.

Passion. A sweet-sounding word for a very sweet thing indeed.

And that’s what this new column will be about. About my passion for life, and all of the things that encompasses. It may be about something as sweeping as world politics, or as personal as a life moment.

I may talk about writing, about a past experience, about my thoughts concerning the future, about my current writing projects, or about the insignificant and irritating minutia that makes me want to scream.

Whatever I talk about here, it’ll be my view, and mine alone. I don’t care if others agree or disagree. In fact, if you want to discuss my ideals, please feel free to do so on the Audacity forums.

I might even join in now and then, as I love a good debate. The only thing I insist upon is that you be fair. Some short-sighted people seem to take offense if anyone dares to utter an opposing view.

As for me, while I may disagree with you, and even passionately express my opinion, I greatly value the fact that we all see things from different perspectives. It’s how we learn and grow as people, and whether you are of a spiritual bent or not,

I think we are all here for a purpose. We’re born with a brain, and to think for ourselves. One person can’t see or know everything, but together we can see and know it all. I don’t empower you, nor do you empower me. We empower each other, and to me, that’s what makes living life fun.

Just because some of us go through life sitting down, it doesn’t mean that we’re left idling on the sidelines watching life pass us by.

I can’t speak for others, but as for me, I am here, I am smart, I am a part of life’s rat-race, and I am strong.

And in this column, I intend to roar.