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In Everyone has one, Opinion by Shelia Taylor

In response to the letter from the woman that vehemently disagreed that the disabled faced no more obstacles than those with no physical limitations.

First of all, let me agree with her and say that I too believe that a positive attitude can help and enhance a person’s dating experience, on the other hand, the socialization process plays a major role in a person’s attitude and self esteem.

For example, a person that is born with a congenital birth defect compared to someone with an acquired disability many times has been socialized very differently.

Many of the steps that lead to effectively communicating and experiencing early relationships with the opposite sex have not been a part of their expeience for various reasons.

As a baby boomer who continues to try and date the only thing that I know for sure is if you stop trying there is a 100% chance you won’t meet anyone.

I have cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair I have been married, had a child and am now back on the dating scene. The one thing I will say is don’t go out looking for someone-go out and enjoy yourself and if you meet someone then- HEY.

Answer questions about your disability but remind them using humor that you’re at a club, restaurant, not the hospital. The point- I’m here to have fun.

Have Courage to leave your comfort zone- No matter how severely disabled you are remember There is ALWAYS HOPE this not a cliche’ it’s a fact the only time it’s hopeless to find a date is when you’re six feet under!

Don’t over analyze the opposite sex we all have some sort of imperfections, some are more apparent than others, give yourself and them a chance.