In Everyone has one, Opinion by Ariel SilverSpirit

When we can accept our situation, it helps relieve stress, and empowers us in many ways. Especially being disabled, this has helped me ease the deep anguish and pain I’ve endured all my life.

Accepting our situation doesn’t mean we have to like it, but we must acknowledge, recognize and admit to ourselves who and what we are, complete with our limitations, quirks and abilities.

If we expect to be accepted as a whole person by others, doesn’t it make sense to first do this for ourselves? Don’t worry about measuring up to anyone’s standards, just be yourself. If they can’t accept
you, at least you can, right?

When we can like, love, accept and respect ourselves, we begin to ease the tension and anguish we feel over our situation. What good does fighting it or punishing ourselves do?

We can’t divorce ourselves. This is a lifetime relationship, so why not agree to accept it and be best friends with yourself?

There are many ways we can do this, which will help shift our focus to our positive attributes, and bring meaning, hope, purpose, and peace into our lives. It won’t happen overnight, some days will still be bad, but that’s ok, it’s all part of life.

Being legally blind, hearing impaired, short, sensitive to smoke,
and strong odors, make socializing difficult for me.

Many people are uncomfortable around me. The few friends I had have drifted away.
Most my life was spent alone, in deep depression, fear, and despair.

I started to change when I got tired of letting society control me, and feeling like a victim.

Exhausted from fighting, I began to
count my blessings, appreciate and enjoy what I have, can do, and made the best of it. I use my abilities to reach out to others.

Changing my attitude changed my life a little, and my saddness
lessened dramatically. Even if no one else likes or accepts me, I like and accept myself.

When you’re feeling down, hopeless, and sad think on these things:

What are your positive traits?

Remember compliments and good things
that happen to you.

What do you enjoy doing, within your abilities?

What do you like about


What accomplislhments have you had?

NOW, instead of dwelling on what you can’t do, what you don’t have, and all the unfair stuff done to you, do something fun and
creative. No sense wasting energy and time on things you can do little or nothing about, right?

If you need to release some anger, do it constructively, through creative expression, then replace the
anger with something positive, ok?

Would you like more ideas on what you can do to make life more acceptable, meaningful, and fun? If you do, please ask!
Remember, you’re not alone. You are a gift, a valid, unique, wonderful human
being. Believe in yourself. You CAN do it!

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