Allowed to Soar But Not to Drive

In Here's the Spin, News by Nathasha Alvarez

Scott Cook’s goal is to raise $250,000. However, this money is not for his personal pleasure. He wants to raise awareness to the entire world about a very ironic situation by flying around the world.

The United States can allow him to fly a

Scott Cook

twin engine plane with one arm yet, his home state of Oregon will no longer allow him to drive his log truck.

As a result, he can no longer operate his log truck of 20 years.

How can Scott be allowed to have his Commercial Driver’s License for 20 years and then have it revoked? Is this a one time incident?

Not according to Scott. He met five other men who have lost their jobs and are challenging their states in court.

With only one arm, Scott has managed to have a thriving timber company where he cut timber, operated cats, loaders and other dangerous and heavy equipment.

According to Scott, he was pulled over at a weighing truck stop when a familiar police officer informed him that the law no longer allows a person with one arm to drive a truck.

Cook was devasted but not beaten. Along with his son, Scott built a commercial fishermen company to replace the income he received from transporting logs.

He never stopped fighting to regain his entitled right to drive his truck.

Not only is he taking his case to Washington D.C. if necessary but he is flying around the world to let everyone know that these injustices are occuring in the United States of America where supposedly everyone is created equally.

He hopes that the legal system can recognize how driving a truck is less difficult than flying a plane.

Here is the irony. Oregon’s Vocational Rehabilitation paid for his flying lessons but they won’t help him regain his commercial driving license. In fact, no one will help him.

A factor he finds very disturbing.

Scott Cook Soon To Be World Traveler

“Just because you look different doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be allowed to try,” said Scott during the telephone interview.

He sold his fishing company for $50,000 which will go towards the cost of his trip around the world.

Scott is hoping to find a welcome mat in the numerous countries that he plans to land his plane.

If anyone can help him out click on the link that Audacity has provided to be connected to his website.

As a disabled community, it is important that we support Scott Cook in his attempt to educate the United States government and remind them that we know our rights and plan to exercise them.

Good luck Scott! Soar high!