And A Merry Christmas to You Too…

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Gregory Banks

Christmas is a time to celebrate life’s greatest joys,
when we all share the wonders of little girls and boys,
a season for giving, and caring, and more,
a time to reflect on what we’re most thankful for.

Some celebrate the birth of a miracle Son,
who brought a message of promise to everyone.
To others it’s a time to look toward the New Year,
and to enjoy one another with love and good cheer.

But the battle cry which we use to ring in this season,
has itself come under attack for some strange reason.
Two words so harmless, and yet full of such meaning,
are now considered more than just a heartfelt greeting.

To shout “Merry Christmas!” has become socially banned,
sparking political flames that are too often fanned.
Like an expletive-laced rant in a preschooler’s class,
these once loving words now deemed far too crass.

It no longer matters if the sentiment is sincere,
only how it sounds in another’s sour ear.
To say this angers me is an understatement for sure,
it’s an insane injustice that I cannot endure.

How will harmony and respect ever take root and grow,
when we argue over how to let honest feelings show?
If the way we express love is no longer free,
Then what a sad, spiteful world this is soon to be….