Audacious Writing for 2006

In Mind, Body & Spirit, Opinion, Reaching A Higher Level by Amy Blanchard

Our good madam editor here at Audacity Magazine has requested that we, Audacity Magazine’s faithful writers, submit articles describing either something we are passionate about or our goals for the year ahead.

Well, I think I’ll jump right on the “goals” bandwagon, if you don’t mind, with maybe a little talk of passion thrown in for good measure.

Befitting the very name of this here magazine, my goal for 2006 is, simply put, to be as audacious as possible.

According to the handy dictionary widget I have on my computer’s desktop, to be audacious is to be “willing to take surprisingly bold risks.”

Well, stand back world, because Amy’s coming through!

More to the point, I specifically intend to flex my audacity muscle in the area of my writing career. That is, I want a writing career. I strive to be a career writer.

To earn money for cleverly spilling my thoughts into creative, cohesive essays, articles and oh, to dream! Even writing novels, is something that I’ve desired for so very, very long.

Within the last year and a half or so, I have been able to scratch the surface of the writer’s market. I’ve been fortunate enough to get several of my articles published.

And thanks to the establishment of my blog Spina Bifida Moms, this past April, my writing energies are now consistently jolted into high gear, prompting me to find even more outlets for getting my writings read by as many people as possible.

In fact, if I can touch on the subject of passions for a minute, I find that it’s a combination of both my immense love for writing and my boundless passion for my daughter that has truly pushed me forward with my writing.

I find so much satisfaction in writing pieces that specifically speak to other disabled parents struggling through child-rearing issues similar to what I myself face every day.

If it wasn’t for my already audacious acts of establishing my blog and shamelessly advertising said blog to any and every person, organization, magazine, and support group I could find whom I thought would be interested, then I wouldn’t have been offered the many exciting writing assignments I completed in 2005.

Who knows what surprisingly bold risks stand firmly ahead, ready for me to conquer in 2006?

I can’t wait to find out just how far I can stride in reaching my ultimate writing goals.

Here’s to the New Year, new goals, the pursuit of passions, and living a truly audacious life!