Audacity’s First Award

In Here's the Spin, News by Damian P. Gregory

Audacity Magazine’s business plan finished third place in a contest sponsored by the Miami Herald’s Business Section, beating out 167 other up and coming businesses.

“This is a validation of the legitimacy of our vision,” said Nathasha Alvarez, editor-in-chief and founder of Audacity Magazine. “This shows that we have an idea that is also accepted as a true business venture by non-disabled community.”

The contest, for business ideas and emerging businesses formed within the past year, required participants to submit a detailed plan of how they plan to transform their businesses into full-fledged enterprises.

Audacity Magazine first hit computer terminals on a monthly basis less than a year ago–in July 2003— covering disability news and lifestyle issues in addition to topical issues.

Its entire editorial staff is comprised of people with disabilities. “The key for the judges was that they thought the magazine has plans in place which will make it a profitable venture,” Alvarez said.

The top three winning companies will be followed closely by the Miami Herald in the year ahead. Alvarez and the two other finalists will be featured in the May 3rd Business Monday Section of the Miami Herald

Said Alvarez, “This exposure and recognition is the beginning of an opportunity that will not only help the magazine but its international readers, too.”

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