Back To School, Looking Cool

In Colorful You!, Fashion & Beauty by Starr Vaughn

Forget about boring note pads, binders, and pencils! Let’s talk about back to school shopping for clothes!

The places that you go shopping this fall depends on the quality, look and feel you want best for you and your kids. Now, kids of all ages want to look their best when taking that dreadful math test. And you want your money’s worth on good quality clothing.

Children, especially girls as young as six are having an opinion on what types of clothes look best on them. Disabled children don’t always have control over their physical abilities but being allowed to choose their clothes with some parental guidance gives them some control over their physical appearance.

Limited Too is an excellent store for girls from six to about fifteen years old. It is also fantastic for those of us who are extra petite. Trendy shirts and cool hip hugging jeans make this a dream store for your preteen or teen. The hip huggers make a great solution for adults who have trouble finding jeans in the adult section due to misproportioned bodies according to “normal” people. A fashionable girl who knows how to shop could very well spend hours in this place. From soft satin sleepwear to cool accessories this store makes this the best place to go “back to school” shopping. The downside is that you may very well spend more than you had hoped.

Jeans and pants range from about twenty-five dollars to about forty dollars. The average price for a piece of clothing in Limited Too is about twenty dollars. But remember your kids will look and feel like a million, which makes this store a must.

If you yet, still wary about going to a place like Limited Too and want a cheaper alternative, go to Target. Magazines everywhere are complimenting this store for their trendy looking clothing at reasonably prices. Their clothes are up to date and very fashionable. Coats and dress pants look exactly like the designer ones without the designer price.

Teenage girls are probably much harder to shop. They are at that age where the tag and name brand means a world of difference, and they are willing to work overtime adding fries to that meal just to pay for a pair of expensive jeans. The places that make their young eyes go wild are stores such as American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, and the Gap. Those places have very trendy clothes that suits teenagers and young college students’ taste. But of course, they are a bit expensive but sometimes it just doesn’t matter when it comes to looking good.

If you are not into spending hours in a store that you want to go screaming out of, try the internet. Two catalogs come to mind for young people and back to school shopping. Delia’s and Alloy. They are mainly for teenagers but sometimes they have pieces that anyone at any age can wear. Both have fashionable t-shirts with cool slogans on them and pants at a good price. T-shirts and shirts range from about fifteen to twenty-five dollars and their pants are from about twenty-five to forty dollars.

Girls aren’t the only ones that know what’s in style and what looks good. Guys want to be cool just as much. I’m not going to get into heavy detail but places like the Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, and American Eagle are the main places

they go to impress the ladies.

Whether you are a preteen, a teenager, a girl or a guy, everyone wants to look their best when going back to school. It’s been a whole summer and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Go out and have some fun buying everything one needs to have the best first day of school a person can have.