Bathing Suits for Every Body

In Colorful You!, Fashion & Beauty by Starr Vaughn

When you think of hot summer days, you, like everyone else, think of beaches, swimming pools, cookouts and probably the dreadful bathing suit. Ever since the turn of the 19th century bathing suits have been getting smaller and more daring. Before then, bathing suits resembled a smock gown that went completely down to the knees. Modesty was more important then fashion in the old days.

Boy, times have changed! From Victoria’s Secret to designer swimwear, the pieces of fabric have barely turned into the size of eye patches. From sexy one piece suits to the daring teeny tiny string bikini, which debut for the first time in 1950’s, bathing suits have turned into an American phenomen.

It’s hard enough for a physically “abled-bodied” person to find the right size with the perfect fit, but treacherous for someone that is disabled. But don’t think that should stop you from finding a pretty little suit to wear to the beach. Manufacturers are finally realizing that not everyone is a size two and that every body is different. There were only two kinds of suits back in the olden days, the one piece and the bikini. Now the possibilities are almost endless.

From boy shorts to tankini’s to banduau tops to high cut briefs, I could go on for hours describing the hundreds of different styles they have now. The various and numerous styles have grown into an amazing fashion statement that everyone, including you can enjoy.

Where does one begin with so many choices to choose from? Hopefully, I will be able to give you some insight on what you need to look for and help you make your choice on the perfect bathing suit for your body. I know that price plays a major impact on your choice for the perfect suit, and thankfully, you can get a cheap, flattering piece of swimwear without killing your purse. But,
there are suits that can go for extremely over-the-top high prices. Especially, if designer names is your game. Since most of us have a budget and don’t want to go through bankruptcy over a bathing suit, I will stick to the versions that everyone can afford and enjoy. Whether you have big hips or a little flab on your stomach that you want to cover up, there are swim suits that will minimize the parts you aren’t so proud of.

Let’s face it, everyone has something they want to cover up, so don’t make yourself think you can’t look good in a bathing suit, with the right pieces, you too can turn heads!

To cover your stomach it would be best to go with a high waist bottom with a belt to minimize any extra skin you may have. With the help of a belt, it will give the illusion that your stomach is smaller than it actually is and will also give the perfect accessories touch. Another piece of swimwear to consider when wanting to cover your stomach is the tankini. It has the look of a tank top but the ability of a swimsuit. Some can come padded to give your bust a more enhancing look if you want eyes to linger. Any type of horizontal striped swimsuits are also great at making the body look slimmer than it actually is. If you have big hips or thighs you should look into V-shaped bottoms. These types of bottoms can minimize and help cover your thighs and hips. You should also consider a bathing suit skirt that will cover you completely.

If you are fornunate enough to have killer abs then you can basically look good in any type of bathing suit. To flatter those abs and if you are far from being shy, try a string bikini. If you want to fool everyone into thinking you have killer abs, also try to tankini, it covers your stomach but helps minimize it at the same time. Another good thing to look at is the one piece asymmetric top with a low rise bottom. If you have a bust you want to show off you would look perfect in a string top with no padding.

If your bust is smaller than you would like, try a padded top that will enhance and give you cleavage. To minimize and cover completely, go for a high neck tank or a one piece. It will cover any type of skin you don’t want to show. There are many places to get a good bathing suit. There are also numerous catalogs that you can order from. Newport News have a variety of swimwear that you can mix and match. If your top is a different size than your bottom (which most are) then you can order the perfect size from catalogs such as this one.

Bathing suits from Newport News range from only $10 to about $35. You can choose from tie-front halters, tank tops, bandeau tops, to boy short bottoms to scoop bottoms. They have many choices that will enhance your body for an extremely cheap price. If you still want more choices, I would suggest you go check out Victoria’s Secret. They basically have it all. String bikini’s, tankini’s, low-rise bottoms, to high cut briefs. I mean they have it all. But, their prices are a bit larger. A swimsuit can go from $45 to up to $100+. If your not a catalog or internet person, go swing by department stores or discount stores that sell good qaulity bathing suits for a cheaper price. You will most likely find the same type of swimsuits featured in those type of catalogs, and it will give you the opportunity to try it on before you open your wallet. No matter what your size, with the right type of bathing suit, you can look just as good as anyone else at the beach. I know it may take some courage to get into one, but if you shop around for the perfect suit it will be much easier for you to put one on and feel proud of your body.