Body Trouble Detected

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Have you ever wondered why some days you feel so tired and lack the energy to stay on task? I have experienced this feeling and sought help in order to find out why my body felt that way. I had heard of a new procedure called “Initial Full Stress Assessment” through my physical therapist, so I made an appointment with a Naturopathic Consultant named Barbara Griffin, NMD. I learned that this new technology first originated over seas, but trained medical professions have been performing this procedure for several years. I decided to experience this new technology for myself.

Upon arrival, I was asked questions about my profession, my eating habits, how I manage my stress, and several others along these lines. Barbara Griffin NMD, who performed my “Full Initial Stress Assessment”, made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. We made small conversation about her office decor while she booted up her computer system and prepared to begin the test. First, she sprayed both my hands with water from a spray bottle. She gave my hand a quick tap with the probe to show me there would be no pain involved. I was reassured to feel that the pressure I felt was much like a pencil eraser pushing on my hand. She asked me to make myself comfortable and proceeded to put a pair of gloves on her hands.

I held a metal rod in my left hand which was connected to the computer system.

She held my right hand and explained the different areas she was going to examine. She continued to spray both of my hands with water as they dried. With the probe she began to touch my acupuncture points on my hand. She explained there were three different types of reactions to different elements. These colors were shown on a graph on the computer screen which was in front of me. The colors represented what my body reacts to when touching or digesting a certain element in my environment. The yellow area means the element being tested has weakened my body, green represents my body is balanced when consuming or contacting an element, and red means my body has been stressed by this element.

She began the procedure by going through my Lymphatic organs such as my throat, ears, system, jaw and sinus. The next areas tested were my lungs, large intestine, nervous system, circulation and allergies. Then she tested my Endocrine System which is my adrenals, thyroid and pituitary. Next she tested my heart, small intestine, pancreas, liver, joints, stomach, connective tissues, skins, fatty tissues, gall bladder, kidneys, urinary bladder and spleen. She then tested for things that I may have been exposed to such as heavy metals, aluminum, lead and mercury. Some other elements that were tested were hormones, radiation, sensitivity screening by groups/ environmental/ epidermal/animal hair and epithelium. The next groups tested were the following areas: environmental inhalants/miscellaneous/ additives/baking/cooking ingredients/beverages/diary/fruit/grains/poultry/nuts- seeds/sugars-sweeteners and vegetables.

When she finished the test, nine of my organs were stressed, mold mix, cigarette smoke, diary products, additives, peanuts, five fruits and mushrooms. She then proceeded to explain why those areas were stressed and explained how she can place certain supplements into the computer, which acts as my system does. The rod allowed her to read my system and figure out what makes it balanced. I changed my eating habits and now take a few supplements to reverse the stressed areas and in order to balance them. The results lead me to make changes in my life that has made my health better. I have found I have had a lot more energy after making these changes. I also take three supplements that are helping my weakened areas become balanced again. I am drinking eight glasses of lemon water in order to detoxify my system. I have changed my diet and eat three meals a day which consist of a protein, a vegetable, and a carbohydrate. I am also allowed two snacks, which can be a protein and a fruit. I also invested in a Honeywell air purifier from Radio Shack.

Since altering my diet, I do not constantly find myself thinking about food like I used to. I no longer eat as much as I once did as I am now satisfied with one serving of each food. I have lost five pounds already and would recommend that everyone go and get tested. It does make a huge difference in the way you feel.

The assessment is inexpensive when compared to the beneficial results. For me, the cost was ninety dollars for a full assessment.

You may email Barbara Griffins at with any further questions.