Bonefish Grill

In Reviews by Nathasha Alvarez

In Miami, there are numerous restaurants that boast about their great food, service, and atmosphere. People clamor to the latest new restaurant seeking to experience this excellent cuisine only to leave with a heavy heartburn and a lighter wallet.

However, Bonefish Grill located in Kendall delivers a relaxing atmosphere with style, a friendly staff with knowledgeable waiters and simply delicious food.

Everyone at my work who eats there raves about Bonefish Grill. My neighborhood has many overly priced restaurants that don’t always live up to their bragging.

I really hesitated to give Bonefish Grill but word of mouth advertising got the best of me.

When we got there, we found the restaurant located on the corner of a small new strip mall. In the front of the restaurant, comfortable beige looking beach patio furniture greets the customer and most importantly it doesn’t obstruct the sidewalk or the ramp for the disabled parking spots.

It is early evening and there is no waiting time because we have reservations. But, reservations are not required. Bonefish Grill is clean, sophisticated and unpretentious.

At first the music is too loud and maintaining a conversation or listening to the waiter state the day’s specials becomes difficult to hear. We inform the waiter that the music was a bit too much and he not only agrees with us but manages to lower it enough so that the relaxing atmosphere is not compromised but we can actually hold a conversation.

The customers are from all walks of life. Some people are dressed in their best outfits and others enter with shorts and a t-shirt. There are the enamored couples and the happy family groups scattered throughout the restaurants.

Although there are many people in the restaurant, the customers are evenly distributed. This is a plus for me. I can’t stand when restaurants clump people. I don’t even understand the logic to it.

It appears the hostess knows that at restaurants it is best to seat people with commonalities. All families with sweet adorable crying babies to the right, parties of five or more with them and those people looking for some quality time with their loved one to the left.

Although I didn’t need to use the restroom, I went to inspect it to make sure that it met with Audacity readers’ approval. So what does the bathroom say? Elegance! The stall for the disabled person is roomy enough for a scooter, clean enough to want to enter, and beautifully decorated. If I have to make one suggestion, it would be that the first door to enter can be tricky to maneuver.

And now for the food review. Drum roll please! The best part of the entire meal is the crab cake appetizers. They are so delicious. Living in Miami, a person can find crab cakes in just about every restaurant establishment that serves seafood but these crab cakes are heavenly. Not greasy, flakey or overcooked. The presentation is beautiful. I can actually see what I am eating.

The rest of the meal was tasty and satisfying from the Chilean Sea Bass entrée to the brownie and vanilla ice cream dessert that was moist, sweet and satisfying.

Bonefish Grill definitely receives top raves. The meals are pricey so it isn’t exactly the place to eat at on a regular basis but it is the place to celebrate a special day or grab some quality time with a loved one and know that your money was well spent.

This definitely hits the G-Spot at Audacity Magazine!

Bonefish Grill is located at 12520 SW 120th Street
Miami, Florida 33186

Diego Trotz is the proprietor.