Candace Owens’ Words Will One Day Haunt Her!

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Candace Owens, a conservative commentator known for her controversial statements, recently made disparaging comments about adaptive clothing, sparking outrage and condemnation from many, including actress Christina Applegate.

I’m glad Christina spoke up. In fact, I’m waiting for more celebs to condemn Candace’s nasty words. The first people to speak up should be the people in Candace’s circle. It’s amazing that she doesn’t know one person with a disability or a person who knows a person with a disability. What planet does she live on?

Later on, she apologized to Christina on Twitter. Her words were hollow. She feigned ignorance.

But really? What didn’t she know?

She didn’t know her words were filled with hate?

Candace didn’t know that she was being cruel?

She didn’t know what?

I don’t know what she didn’t know. But I do know that seeing women in wheelchairs wearing underwear bothered her. Why did it bother her?

Would she prefer we not wear underwear? She is actually promoting nudity? How conservative of her!

Hateful and Hurtful Words

As disabled people, we face multiple obstacles in our daily lives, from inaccessible buildings to lack of accommodation, and adaptive clothing is one way to make lives easier. Owens’ words not only show a lack of understanding and empathy towards those with disabilities, but they also perpetuate harmful ableist stereotypes.

Candace’s words opened up the door of hate. I’m not going to share the comments on Twitter from her supporters. Their words were disgusting. Some not only agreed that this “inclusion” was going too far, but said that disabled people don’t need “pretty lingerie” because ” who really wants to see their bodies.”

I was going to reply to them, but I didn’t want to waste my words on an empty person. However, if I knew that my words would have a positive impact on that pathetic person, I’d let him know that I have a beautiful collection of lingerie and I’m not the only one who enjoys seeing me in it.

Candace’s Words Can Have a Positive Spin For Us

Owens’ comments are not only ignorant but also harmful. But the truth is that it’s about time we had this conversation! If anything, Candace’s unnecessary words will spark a much needed dialogue in society. On The MarySue site, Brooke Pollock wrote an entertaining and information response to this #GarmentGate fiasco. Click here for the article. I share her sentiments so I won’t repeat too much of it.

I prefer to see action. Real action from the community. I want to see more fashion designers showing real disabled people using adaptive clothing. I want to see more real disabled people in fashion shows.

Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Zappos, and Nike have all launched adaptive clothing lines that cater to people with disabilities, and there are many smaller designers and startups that are also making a difference in this space. But we need more visibility in this area. Not as a showstopper because they’re being “inclusive” but as a main part of their clothing lines.

Adaptive Clothing

In fact, adaptive clothing can be seen as a form of innovation and creativity, as designers have to come up with solutions that cater to a wide range of disabilities and limitations. It’s not just about adding a few extra buttons or zippers but about creating designs that can be worn comfortably and independently by people with disabilities.

But there’s more room for improvement. Adaptive clothing needs to be universally desirable. Everything that improves the lives of disabled people is later on desired by the non disabled community.

Parking spots, bathroom stalls, automatic sliding doors, etc.

Now it needs to be applied to adaptive clothing.

  • Make it sexier.
  • Make it more affordable.
  • Make it now.

I predict one day, Candace or someone she loves will need to use adaptive clothing.

Stop! Let’s Read Her Other Words

I was going to write a scathing post, but then I found someone had worded better than I could.

On The MarySue site, Brooke Pollock wrote an entertaining and information response to this #GarmentGate fiasco. Click here for the article.

Then I went to see Candace’s other words because I don’t have her on my radar. Whenever I caught a glimpse of her statements on social media, I’d roll my eyes and roll away from the screen.

But this #garmentgate fiasco upset me as a disabled person who loves her bras. So I rolled into my other role as a middle school teacher before losing my temper. I looked at Candace the way I would look at a student who was being mean to others. I asked myself, why?

What did Candace gain from this?

I think I found a possible explanation for her behavior. In 2019, she stated in her blog that she wasn’t a feminist. That’s fine with me. Your life. Your choice. Right? Honestly, you have to read her explanation for it. She made some valid points. Click here after you’ve finished reading this article, fair? I noticed that Candace has a tendency to take one universal idea or thought and twist it to mean something entirely different.

She uses these situations like a coat of armor. Candace has experienced pain. Who hasn’t? But instead of feeling empathy for others, she has this “NOT ME” attitude. It’s destructive. Not only to the people her words attack, but to herself. Sooner or later, history has shown that people who express hate will receive hate.

I want to hate her. But I can’t. She’s lost. She’s probably alienated others. Some of her early posts suggest her pain, her thoughts convey her desire to find answers, and now she’s on a path of self destruction.

Candace, Let’s Hang Out!

No, Candace, you won’t heal from spewing such hateful words. And maybe your apology to Christina was sincere, but for now, you’ll have to deal from the backlash of a community that is sick and tired of being the butt of everyone’s jokes.

I suggest you give me a call, we can go shopping for underwear. Just a girls night out. Nothing too feminist. Nothing too radical. Just a little bit of Latina Diva on Wheels fun.

What are your thoughts on Candace’s words? Is this the only time she’s upset you?

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