Concert: No Doubt

In cultureShock, Entertainment by Adam Blasucci

It was June 8th at the Tweeter Center in Camden NJ. The bill for th is

show was Blink 182 as the opening act and No Doubt the headliners. I truly came to this show for only one reason, Gwen Stephanie and the boys from No Doubt.

But Blink’s opener pleasantly surprised me. Blink got the crowd energized with their comic routine and their rousing punk anthems.

The best part of Blink’s set was when they brought out Travis the drummer in a wheelchair because he broke his foot several weeks before the show. They brought him into the center of the auditorium where he had a special drum kit set up. The drum kit swirled around while red and blue police lights whirled to the drumbeat. Then they brought Travis back when he passed my row he high fived a teenage girl. After this happens I experience my first teenage screaming and crying like the teenage girls back in the ’60s going crazy for the Beatles.
Most of the audience for Blink were young teenage girls, but the audience for No Doubt was from late teens to mid-30s which I was part of being 27 years old.
I’ve been a fan of No Doubt since, their first hit CD The Tragic Kingdom. I have been in love with Gwen ever since.
No Doubt definitely put on a great show. They rolled out every song, which the audience and I knew, by heart.
My friend and I made a sign, which said ” No Doubt We Love Gwen!” Which we hung in front of our row. I was hoping to meet Gwen and the boys backstage with the help of my sign. That was unsuccessful, but everyone who saw the sign smiled and gave the thumbs up.
For this concert we got the best seats ever. There was a walkway between our aisle and that of a lower aisle. This meant standing concertgoers did not obscure my view. This is a great summer show. Gwen, No Doubt and Blink 182 were well worth the admission price.