Cropped Fashions

In Colorful You!, Fashion & Beauty by Starr Vaughn

Capri pants, cropped pants, peddle pushers, etc. are the greatest fashion invention since sliced bread for a short person. Before these types of pants were brought back from fashion extinction, I was forced to wear regular pants in children’s sizes. That was great except for fact that my whole body wasn’t child size. The length was still too long as was the waist area. I had to pull my pants all the way up to my armpits so that the crotch wouldn’t be all the way down to my knees! And the legs had to be rolled so many times that it looked like I had doughnuts around my ankles. Sure, I could cut and hem, but who has the time to do all that? All that ended with the comeback of capris.

Now, if I happen to find a pair of capris that are also low-rise, then I am in heaven! Those are the best of both worlds for a short gal like me. They are not only perfect in leg length, but I also don’t have to hike them up to my chin. Where they fit an average sized person low on their hips, they fit a person like me perfectly. It is great that I can find low-rise capris in both children’s and junior sizes.

I also noticed that another fashion item that is going to be hot this season is the cropped or short jacket. They fit an average sized person like a cropped jacket, but they fit me like a normal jacket. Now I won’t look like I am always wearing a long jacket and my pockets won’t be down near my shins.

I have found most of these items at stores ranging from Wal-Mart and Target to higher end department stores like Macy’s and Robinson’s May. Old Navy has a decent selection of pants in size “1 short” in fabrics ranging from denim to cotton.

Like with anything else, there are always some drawbacks. Some items that I find in the children’s section are juvenile-looking with bows and cartoon characters, and sometimes items found in the junior section are still too big in the waist, but at least now the hunt isn’t as difficult.

Next month, I will focus on shoes and intimate apparel. Egad! Nothing more embarrassing than being a young woman being forced to wear Barbie undies and Powerpuff Girls shoes with blinking lights!