Audacity Magazine Fundraiser

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Are You a Part of the Audacious Journey?

We are looking for audacious people who want to be a part of this audacious journey.


For over a decade has brought you lifestyle articles written for people with physical disabilities by people with physical disabilities.  We are now ready to take the site to the next level. Your contributions are not only tax deductible in the United States but a fantastic way to give back to your community. Reality is that there are people with physical disabilities all over the world. Disabilities don’t discriminate. 

With your contributions, we can hire people with physical disabilities as writers, assistant editors, social media promoters, grant writers, tech assistance and so much more. 


Your audacious donations will be used in the following ways: 


$4000= 100 original published articles at $40 per article

$2,400= one assistant editor for 12 months

$100= covers the cost of web hosting for 12 months

$5,000= website manager for 12 months

$5,000 = cost of a grant writer for one year

$3,000= cost of creating online courses for people with physical disabilities with self improvement courses

$10,000= travel costs for one year to attend conferences that will help reach more people (writing conferences, business conferences, etc

Thank you again! 

Remember live your life one audacious moment at a time. 


Ways You Can Help


  • Shopping on Amazon Smile – Looking for something else to buy online? Want to help Audacity Magazine raise funds at the same time? At no extra cost to you, try shopping at! Simply search for your item, and when you purchase it, 0.5% of the item’s price will be donated to the charity of your choice (you will want to enter World Wide Ability Inc., this is Audacity Magazine’s non-profit organization)!
  • Sponsoring a post – If you have a product or business that you would like featured, contact us for a sponsored post! A sponsored article is $200 and would in turn be able to pay our freelancers for five articles! Just email Nathasha Alvarez at nathasha @ audacity magazine . com
  • Hitting the Donate Button – Donate any amount you feel comfortable with directly to Audacity Magazine by clicking the button below. Any amount will help compensate our writers starting in 2015, and for that we thank you!


 We are currently having a fundraiser for Audacity! Results will be forthcoming! Thank you! 


In 2014, these are our audacious donors! Thank you very much! 

Audacious! ($5,000 +)

  • Suze Orman

Fabulous! ($1,000- $4,999)


Awesome! ($500-$999)

  • Zuni Transportation

Great! ($100-$499)

  • Barbara Bliss
  • Oliver Mueller
  • Claudia Lopez
  • Michael Bland
  • Boost Blog Traffic
  • Mark Krassner
  • Sheffield Randal
  • Priya Bains
  • Maria Peiro
  • Chris Brogan
  • Joshua Rossman
  • Edgar Perez
  • Lee Corey
  • The Freedom Family
  • Shir Moscovitz
  • Ana Wright

Sweet! ($50-$99)

  • JoAnn Berkenbush
  • Joe Castro
  • Susan McKinstery
  • Leslie Allen Barcie
  • Rebecca Cokley
  • Global Marketing
  • Juliana Marulanda
  • Moshe Newman
  • Jane Martino
  • Hamlet Batista Group LLC
  • Michael Savary
  • Victor Urbaez
  • Zashanell Guido

Nice! ($5-$49)

  • Karen Brindle
  • Egg Sandwich Entertainment
  • Melissa Davis
  • Charles Hill
  • Kathy Cano-Murillo
  • Tavia Sharp
  • Steven Case
  • Famous Sports T-shirts
  • Dedicated Marketers
  • Bruce Sallan
  • Graciela Ferreiro
  • Anthony Monzon
  • Kathleen Keim
  • Erica Monzon
  • Buddy and Shelby Shuh
  • Linda Sherman
  • Liana Kozlowski
  • Sandy Lee
  • Patricia Gonzalez
  • Martin Thiry
  • Damian Gregory
  • Bob Schroedter
  • Julie Hood
  • Sofia Moore
  • On Point Consulting Professionals
  • Linda Doty
  • Annessa Mortensen
  • Carolyn Stephens
  • Erin Reid
  • Martha Stanley
  • Marc Ensign
  • Karen Putz
  • Diane Desimone
  • Jessica and Carlos Veloso
  • Lori Kaleel
  • Jamie Kendall
  • Carolina Milyanovich
  • Pamela Klusner
  • Lydia Ondrusek
  • John Smiley
  • Ceresta Smith
  • Richard Alcantara
  • Monica Jackson
  • Eileen Cartar Campos
  • Sheri Ziemann
  • Damaris Pedersen
  • Lynette Holle
  • SunRide Books
  • Deborah McCreath
  • Stephanie Currier
  • Tina Gomez
  • Natalia Allen
  • Harrabey Friedman
  • David Trofort
  • Nancy Van Eck
  • Marcella de las Traviesas
  • Oscar Martinez
  • Patrick Phillips
  • Sandra Hill
  • David Knapf-Fisher