Equality In Love

In Columns, Features, Moments with Michelle by Michelle Henson

I have heard many concepts throughout my life. So far, some are more influential than others. One saying that sticks in my mind, that people seem to forget, is that everyone is created equal. But, it seems as we grow older and get stuck in our ways, we soon forget that saying. Just as we grow older, we lose our innocence that we once held as a young child. If you take a first-class look at our society, you will obviously see that some people believe they are superior to others.

In reality, we all can achieve the same goals if given the chance and time. Some people may take longer to accomplish a goal that another person can breeze past, but, in time, the other person will pass the goal. Take, for instance, raising a child. It does take a certain amount of skills, but the experts say all women carry that maternal instinct to rear a child. So, who really has the authority to decide who is capable of adopting a child, in need of a home filled with love and support? If you ask my opinion, I think a disabled person should not be discriminated against. Everyone deserves a fair chance at being parents.

I stand by the adoption process, and, don’t get me wrong, every person wanting to adopt should be put through vigorous stages to determine if they are fit to raise a child. After all, the system is there to protect all of the children and to make sure they are given the best possible homes. I would not want any child to just be handed over to someone off the street, not knowing what they are capable of, or what their life has been like. People place their children up for adoption hoping to give them a better life than they can provide. It would be my hope that the parents have given their all, and are positive that they cannot provide for their child.

I mean, if you look at it this way, these people are giving others who cannot have children the chance to be parents. If you really think about the concept, it is an amazing gift to give to a woman who really wants that relationship with a child. God really does work in powerful ways. I know, for one, I cannot wait to become a mother, and experience the many joys of having children. I can’t even imagine not being given that chance to give a part of myself to another person, and have it be passed down the line someday.

Every person has their downfalls, and their own way of dealing with them. I think as long as you have a decent income, shelter, a stable relationship and, most importantly, love, then you should be given every chance an able-bodied person would get. It is one thing not to be fit to take care of a child, but you should be allowed to adopt if you are qualified, no matter your physical disadvantages. My hope is that, one day in the future, there will be no more discrimination against people, and we will all believe we are equal to one another.