For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day has always been focused around love and relationships. February 14th, seems to be set aside for the expression of feelings and showing that special someone how much you care for them. Traditionally, a gift is given to that certain someone. Usually the gift is used as a way to show deep sentiments of love and devotion. That is okay, because Valentine’s Day is the one day a year where people can share their intimate thoughts with another, liberally, and without reservation. Most people in love will tell you that the perfect way for someone to say that they care is by send

ing flowers, cards, candy, balloons and the occasional cuddly teddy bear. For those who are involved in relationships they not only enjoy the giving and receiving of these gifts, but also the feelings that follow.

I once read the quote from an unknown author that Valentine’s Day can be defined as either “A Beautiful time, or a commercial creation.” This is a cynical way of saying that Valentine’s Day boils down to just another holiday for stores to make money. In a sense I can agree that it is a “commercial creation” because if you think about it, you almost feel obligated to buy that special someone a gift that they are expecting.

This makes me wonder, how did this day once all about love come to this point? When did such a romantic and joyous day get reduced to yet another crass attempt at commercialism? It was once such a pure and sweet day, focused around the expression of thoughts and feelings, not only material possessions.

But no more. Today, most women usually expect their mate to go all out,buying them an assortment of candy, flowers, and other trinkets of affection. The reason? More likely than not, it is so they will have something to brag about to their friends and families. To these people, the gifts are proof of how much they are loved by their significant others. So much so that, that in extreme cases, it can almost turn into a competition to see who gets the bigger and better gift. The feeling that is almost always lost is how grateful they should feel to have someone in your life to spend the day and in return you will get the love back that you deserve.

There are those who are single out there, who have not yet found that special someone. For them, Valentine’s Day is no different than any other, since they do not have someone to share their feelings with, therefore, this day which is all about having someone to love, it is irrelevant.

I am one of those people. I have not found that special someone. But I know that someone special may be right around the corner. I know that special someone will find me and we will be able to share Valentine’s Day the same way other couples do—together. So if you are single too, don’t despair on this “couple’s holiday”, take heart and know that you’re not alone. I am right here with you. One day soon, both you and I, will be in that group of people who look forward to this day that comes only once a year. Then, it will take on a whole new meaning for you and you may wonder why on earth you feel as
alone as you do right now.

Until that day comes, celebrate this day and choose to use it as an opportunity to express your feelings to the ones you love. Everyone deserves to feel loved and appreciated once a year no matter their circumstances, whether they are the love of your life or just a friend you love.

Use this Valentine’s Day as that opportunity.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!