Grand Bohemian Hotel

In Tomorrow's Journey, Travel by Nathasha Alvarez

The Grand Bohemian Hotel in Orlando, Florida is a perfect example of how a luxury hotel balances out its weaknesses with its strengths. It is a AAA Four Diamond hotel.

Unfortunately, it earned mixed reviews with me. The art gallery is small and quaint. I don’t know why but I was expecting something GRAND. The lobby is not very large but it is beautifully decorated with its bohemian theme.

In fact, the entire hotel from the dining room, bar, lounge, corridors and bedrooms has a fabulous bohemian feel to it. The art work displayed is amazing!

My hotel room is cozy, sophisticated and rich looking. The bathrooms are large and accessible for average size wheelchairs.

From the surface, the hotel is beautiful, glamorous, and expensive looking.

However, a deeper look reveals some interesting findings. One night we found the duvet filled with dark spots as if mildew had taken over.

We called the manager and he explained that it was the feathers from so many washings. Even though we believed him, we were grossed out. I strongly suggest they get rid of these duvet quilts so that people don’t think they are sleeping with mildew.

The second little issue I had there was the toilet. Right under the rim, there was a black rim. All the housekeepers need to do is use a toilet brush to scrub off the black mildew.

My biggest complaint is the constant feel of humidity throughout the hotel. The corridors are humid, the conference rooms are humid, the lobby is humid. Let’s face it, it’s humid.

This becomes a problem for people with breathing problems and hairdo problems.

Trust me, my beautifully blown dried hair bounced back into its long curls in less than 10 minutes.

Grand Bohemian Hotel, would I go back?

Yes! It was an overall lovely experience because of the people and the decor but a little work here and there can persuade me to never leave the city of Orlando.

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