Happy Birthday

In Features, Letters To The Editor, We Hear Ya! by Nathasha Alvarez

mdaww Congrats on your first year!

Hope you have many more. Take care. Pat

sspencer Congratulations Nathasha and everyone at Audacity Magazine on your first year! Keep up the great work. Smokey Spencer Maxon Mobility

dchillybean Congratulations to Nathasha and Audacity! Happy Birthday and many many more! Love, Daron & Denisia Miner

Monica Moshenko Great magazine offering readers current news, educaitonal information and inspirational stories… Love it! Monica Moshenko, Host Disability News & Views Radio Show Sundays 5-6 PM on WXRL 1300 AM

jkonschnik CONGRATS! on your 1 year…keep up the great work…Hope to see you soon…

kidshark Great job on a GREAT ezine. Thanks alot Nathasha and to all at AudacityMagazine.Com

rox_groopz Happy Birthday Audacity!

jlenoir555 Congratulations! I wish you all the best! I have enjoyed reading many of the articles. Jennifer

accnowjh Happy Birthday and may there be many, many more to come. Keep up the good work! Judy Hoit