It’s a Materialistic Life!

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Erich Cella

As I write to you from my comfortably furnished sanctuary on my top of the line Dell computer with a cable modem, I feel obliged to vent on the almost epidemic propensity of Americans to take comfort in obtaining material objects.

We are all relatively guilty of splurging on inanimate items and then comparing these lifeless monstrosities to what our peer group has obtained throughout the years.

It seems so important that we raise the importance of our still undetermined purpose on this blue orb by surrounding ourselves with the remnants of what was violently removed from our increasingly angry earth.

No matter how many starving and impoverished children in third world countries happen to be working on fulfilling your disgustingly reprehensible habit of putting meaning into a piece of cloth or metal, it’s only important if the object makes the customer happy.

People forget about the poverty and slave labor aspect of free trade and other policies we perpetrate across the globe just so the deal hunting riot like consumers can get their fix and drool over what brand of designer jeans they can fit their spacious hips into.

We want to bundle all of our emotional baggage and sweep all of our embarrassing filth and indistinguishable froth under our blood soaked carpentry and then we use furniture to put on top of the carpet in order to ignore the apparent tragedy.

Our pain and guilt for what we do on this planet everyday soaks right into us and dissipates within our consciousness and these materials helps keep our guilt deep inside.

We love to go on shopping sprees to get our daily fill of suppression and in the process put money in the pockets of these slimy business men who encourage the abuse of their credit cards.

This expensive truth has hurt many middle class families who are all too eager to sign up for a plethora of credit cards and these fast paced families do not realize the financial crisis it can put them through.

We are all too eager to live vicariously through a piece of colored fabric or a pair of shoes that will most likely find refuge in the back of the closet collecting layers of dust. The only time you dig these relics out is when we play adult show and tell with our equally self conscious brethren only to go home and snicker at their fashion sense.

It is just plain perverse how we can judge someone based on someone’s taste in clothing or taste in expensive jewelry but it’s difficult to reverse a trend that has been engrained in us since childhood.

We have become an essentially brain dead population wandering through shopping centers with our tongues flopping out of our mouths as we sustain an electrified shock from the joy these products give us.

We grow up being rewarded for every favorable behavior we portray including a satisfactory report card and a mundane chore but do not realize the damaging consequences it has on our development.

The showering of gifts for some children or just the conditional love due to a favorable trained response messes with our natural wiring and infects our soul with the thought that only a reward can make us happy.

This disease starts with acquiring an avalanche of toys from their neglectful parents or other assorted miniature objects and we grow up burning holes through our wallets purchasing mediocre blockbusters on DVD.

The shameless entertainment market sucks movie freaks in with the promise of a bulk of deleted scenes and an un rated version with more sex and violence but we always have a propensity of being disappointed by the overall experience of their product.

These DVD purchases are made for the packaging and countless hours of special features thrown in for good measure but after you get home and watch the movie you can tell all of your buddies how you got suckered into spending 30 bucks on a bad movie aimed at entertaining a dull-witted demographic.

The reason I know this is mainly because I have made countless transactions to acquire a mindless flick and have placed too much value on an inanimate object and I am also unfortunately part of the problem that stunts our overall evolution of a species.

Now I understand that it’s your personal business how you will ultimately spend your money and I understand how our country likes to boast about how Americans can engage in the pursuit of happiness to whatever means possible but you have to ask yourself if suffocating yourself with contemporary materials will actually makes you a happier spirit.

Spending your whole life compiling pieces of plastic and metal adds up to absolutely zilch when you are decomposing in the soil of our planet and being devoured by worms but we still tend to spend our while life building up our financial or social status.

The population will eventually be propelled to rip and tear off their scarred flesh and replacing it with the material of the sofa and stapling it onto our exposed muscle tissue in order to have a symbiotic relationship with the furniture.

To complete this horrific relationship we use the left over epidermis to cover up the naked sofa with stitches or other adhesives scattered around the house. It is also very important to remember to make sure that the sofa is still comfortable in order to enable us to watch countless hours of television.

I would not recommend or try this procedure at home since it is probably medically possible to bleed to death in a profuse manner in this Frankenstein- like skin transformation but this painful experience will complete the existential greed driven conversion.

Through the horror of death, human bodies will begin to deteriorate and eventually will turn to dust but all these objects we have collected throughout our unmemorable lives will continue to just litter the land from generation to generation.

I know and I have to believe that we are better than that as a civilization but if we do not wake up our greed for inanimate objects we will continue to murder what is left of our apparent humanity.