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Wednesday July 28, 2004

Everyone here is getting ready for our meet on Thursday all the way through Sunday. I’m starting to get really anxious to see what my times are going to be like! I’ve been feeling REALLY tired lately-my muscles are constantly sore and I’m actually sleepy at curfew–BUT our coaches say that this is supposed to be how we feel. They hope that we will swim fast tired and that way we can expect to swim even faster when we’re rested! Practice this morning wasn’t too bad–I became a KICKER! Usually a do a drill set with the other “non-kickers” during the drill set but today I used fins and kicked 3 100s…I’m getting stronger so I think when my own fins arrive (I ordered them) I’ll be a kicker for good!!!!
Thursday July 29, 2004

That’s Adam and me on our last night together and our first time meeting Nathasha who took the picture.

Our meeting last night delivered the sad news that our curfew is moved BACK an hour for the next 4 days throughout our meet…SO now I’ll be going to bed at the jolly hour of 8:30! Don’t think I’ve done that in a quite a many a year—BUT I’ve strategically NOT taken a nap all day so hopefully I’ll be sleepy. We can only hope. The reason for the earliness is because we have to leave from here at 6:30am!! The traffic on the way to the Airforce Academy can be rough and we can’t afford to miss warm-ups. This is the STATE championships for Colorado so there will be over 500 athletes there!! If warm up is too crazy tomorrow–we’ll have to get up even earlier the following days and warm up here before leaving. The cafeteria packs breakfast for us and we eat in the vans. It will be a good chance to get used to a really hectic warm-up because I’m sure that’s what Athens will be like!

Saturday July 31, 2004
After I warmed down, I swam my 100m back in a fun heat with Aimee (she did a 50 though that cheater!) and Angel and Erin on both sides of me! It was “The great dwarf swim off!!” Now of course, Erin BLEW us away as she always does..but there was still me and Angel and our DUEL IN THE POOL!! It was very serious business..I went out really hard and stayed with her the whole first 50..we flipped at the same time, but then she took off and negative splitted her 100! SO I came in at a 2:05 and she did a 1:59!! It was a fun race though!

August 2, 2004
I survived the Colorado Long Course Championships..but just barely! Sadly, this morning I woke up with a sore throat..and since, I’ve been drinking OJ constantly due to my paranoia of being sick around here..I think this might be THE worst place to be sick in the world. So, I’m hoping it’s just a fluke~! I warmed up there at the Airforce Academy this morning so I got a lil more sleep! I also didn’t have to wait too long for my event the 100m free. I did a 2:07 lo which was an alright time but I was MOST happy that I got my goal of FINALLY not taking it out too hard and not being able to come back full force…I had a good start and stayed firm and consistent the first 50..the markings on the very bottom of the pool are weird so there’s no warning when you are going to hit the wall! SO by the time I looked up it was RIGHT in front of my face..but it worked out well..my knees were bent so much that I had a good push off and I came back strong. My coach said it was a “wonderful swim” SOOO very relieved, I got to go take a shower and visit the USA SWIMMING SPlash booth for some free posters and stuff while I waited to watch the 200breast (Erin and Beth swam that with some of the guys) and also the 100 fly. I took a nap this afternoon in an attempt to cure myself and since then I OBSERVED the multiple hour water fight between our team….it was VERY serious business involving negotiations and walkie talkies…quite amusing to WATCH! I also got a chance to call Mernie and Paw Now I’m going to ORDER PIZZA!! I’m quite excited….variety is needed in my life. I get to sleep in tomorrow BECAUSE i’ll be in my room by 10–you can stay out till 11 but then you HAVE to come to practice..not me..I’m sleepin in a bit! We still have practice in the afternoon though~! Well talk to yall tomorrow–I’m going to rest..I’m glad our competition is over–quite tired but relieved and happy with the meet overall. I wish we could have ONE more at sea level before Athens but I think we are having Time Trials in San Diego…ONLY THREE MORE SLEEPS TILL I GET TO GO TO MIAMI!

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