Key Items In Style This Fall

In Colorful You!, Fashion & Beauty by Starr Vaughn

What’s in style in the clothing department this fall may just surprise you. If you loved the 60’s fashion then you will proudly know that those fashions are back, bigger and better than ever this season,

but with a twist for the 21st century. Forget the plain flower child, bell-bottom look, we are talking about chic, womanly items that raged through the era with a new modern look all it’s own.

On the runways, many designers brought back the past with an up-to-date touch. Plaid and tweed items which were very hot in the 60’s are back this season. Plaid pants paired with a button up long sleeved shirt will ultimately make you look awesome. Also hot this Fall are tweed purses and coats, which will make any lady, look like a smart businesswoman.

Color is every where! The Fall season will have colorful tights which allow you to dress up an outfit or dress it down depending on your mood. Tights will give an outfit a fun look and they will also hide an unwanted scar and keep legs warm in chilly weather. With the varying styles of opaque, sheer, textured, bright hued and neutral, the fashion possibilities are endless. Paired together with a cool 60’s inspired jumper you will look like you just jumped out of a time machine…but in a cool fashionable way, of course.

The runways are also showcasing men’s wardrobe inspired looks this season. Wear a men’s crisp, white, button-up shirt with a sexy skirt for a different unmistakably cool look. Men’s inspired accessories, such as hats and gloves are also popular.

Mini skirts, which I don’t think have ever gone out of style, are more daring and popular this season. But this look can completely go hay wired if worn wrong. If you are not shy and are proud to show off your legs, then pair a mini with a nice long sleeved shirt. A great pair of over-the-knee boots will give the same outfit a fresh look and also cover more leg for those of us that are shy. Link the two fashions together and wear a mini skirt with tights. The look is fabulous!

Which is all obviously in style…I wouldn’t be mentioning them if it wasn’t, now would I?!