Keyed Up on Keyframe

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Now well into its fourth year online, Keyframe – the Animation Resource ( dubs itself as the “first stop” for anything and everything you ever wanted to know about animated films, TV series, short films, Christmas specials, upcoming movies, voice actors and so much more. Here you can find over 150 profiled pieces of animation including everything from the classic Disney releases like “The Little Mermaid” to the lesser known gems like Miyazaki’s “Castle in the Sky” or Tim Burton’s short film, “Vincent”.

The site also allows you to get involved in the action by writing your own reviews about any piece of animation profiled on the site. Keyframe’s users take great delight in praising the best and trashing the worst in the animation world. These reviewers are currently getting an extra bit of reward as part of Keyframe’s Mad, Mad, Mad Review-a-thon on now until December 31st with one champion reviewer each month receiving a $25 gift certificate to

The webmistress of Keyframe, Athena Cooper, is one of those excellent examples of a person who takes a passion and transforms it into something greater. Anyone who speaks to her can feel the excitement she feels for animation. In addition to being a freelance webdesigner (and the designer behind the Audacity Magazine website), she’s currently studying computer animation at Ai The Art Institute of Vancouver-Burnaby in Canada. She will be graduating her two-year diploma program in October 2004 and aims to push her career toward animation for feature film and television–all the same stuff that she loves profiling on Keyframe.

It is a REELY nice site. If you are interested in animation or looking for an animated movie for yourself, your children or a loved one, be sure to stop by, read all the reviews and join the fun.

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