Matt Roloff: Little People Big Problems

In Columns, Just My Bellybutton, Opinion by Nathasha Alvarez

I couldn’t believe that one article could cause such a stir in the little people community. Yet, the emails that poured in were either in strong support of my findings at the Little People Of America conference or they were reprimanding me for having the audacity to be upset after I was told I could no longer present an award to Matt Roloff, the reality celebrity in Little People, Big World.

It dragged on and on. People were twisting facts around to suit their own needs, instead of simply sticking to the facts.

The facts were simple. I was told I could present an award and then 15 minutes after the scheduled event, I was told I couldn’t do it. Simple, right?

Not for some people in the LPA and little people community. According to them, I was trashing the LPA, which was never my intention because a few people making bad decisions at one event doesn’t constitute all of the hard work of hundreds and hundreds of little people during their 50 years as an organization.

Now, Matt Roloff has been charged with DUI, Driving Under the Influence, and his mug shot is being posted across the internet.

Matt Roloff, a former president of LPA, was awarded the Most Audacious Person with a Physical Disability for 2006 by Audacity Magazine.

Our readers nominated him and then chose him as the winner over the other finalists. It was that simple.

I guess we should have asked LPA for their blessings because it wasn’t until after the article came out that people felt the need to email me to tell me what a problem Matt Roloff really was to LPA.

Could they be speaking about the same person who in our interview stated that the disabled community should help each other up like ants in a colony and not pull each other down like crabs in bucket?

What could be going through the minds of all of his opposers? Will they help to pull him down even lower now that he has been arrested for the second time?

It’s not easy being a little person, it’s not easy being physically disabled, and we all know from Britney, Paris and Lindsey that it’s not easy being a celebrity so you can only imagine what it’s like to be a little person with a physical disability and your own reality show. Or can you?

I know that I can only sit and watch as this drama unfolds. If Matt Roloff is guilty of this charge then as good human beings, we can only hope that he makes the right decisions to cause a better change for himself and his family.

How will the LPA react to Matt’s arrest? Let’s hope that they choose to be ants in a colony because right now, Matt has an uphill battle to climb.

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