Mother Dear Mother

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If only I had listened to what my mum had said.
I wouldn’t be in this mess, I would be at home instead.
Oh, why didn’t I listen to what she had to say?

Mother, dear Mother, why are you always right?
Do you have a crystal ball
that sees right into the night?
Do you know what I’m doing this very night?

I could have been someone you said to me that night.
But instead I chose a pig to spend my every nights.
Why don’t I have your magic to see what is ahead?
Then I would be someone, much higher than you’d expect.

When will I have your powers
to see into the night

To banish my pig forever,
right into the night.

To set me free forever without a backward glance.
I would be so happy just to have that chance.

Oh Mother, dear Mother, I would be so happy to be just like you.

So please give me some of your powers and I can be like you.
Never to make a mistake and be oh so true.
To be as free as a bird and fly ever so high is what I want for me.

Mother, dear Mother, why am I not like you?
Instead of being stuck in this rut doing the things I do.

Help me see the light and I can be ever so true.
Without the light I am in the dark and there’s not a thing I can do.

Mother, dear Mother, they say love is blind, that is oh so true.
To finally open my eyes to see what I do see.
It’s not a pretty sight no matter if it’s true.

To free me from my prison, what is it I must do?

Please help me Mother and tell me.
For only you can do it and free me from this hell.

Then I would grow wings and fly away from hell.