Mr. President Where Were You When Katrina Blew?

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It is no secret amongst my friends and family that I am not a Bush supporter. I would feel more respect for him if he actually behaved like a leader. When the tsunami hit, Pres. George Bush didn’t come out of his Texas home to make a public statement for over 48 hours. I thought perhaps he didn’t care that much because it wasn’t America so I didn’t write anything about it. But then, Hurricane Katrina hits the Gulf Coast and still no sight of the man.

I live in Miami, Florida and I felt Hurricane Katrina. In fact, it wasn’t really supposed to be a direct hit in my part of the county. However, Katrina had her own agenda and went south, directly hitting my apartment complex, and leaving us with no electricity for days. Trees everywhere, pulled out of sidewalks, several inches of flooding everywhere, ripped roofs in some areas. And that was Katrina in a category one. You would think that would cause a major red flag to our president. Wrong!

I won’t even go into all the signs that this hurricane was going to be a doozy for the Gulf Coast because that would be repetitious and because Jon Stewart does a much better job of this than I could ever imagine.

Let’s discuss what is really on the minds of Audacity readers. What about the disabled people in the hurricane? That is what I want to know.

Luckily for me, during Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Katrina, I had my family and friends to help me out if I needed them. I guess that dead woman sitting in her wheelchair in the Superdome wasn’t as fortunate. How many disabled people were in her situation? We probably won’t know. Is anyone helping them now? We are now a silenced minority among the minority groups. Who will speak for us? We don’t have our own Kenye West to speak up for us.

If you agree with Kenye West’s opinion that President G. Bush doesn’t like black people then, you might as well agree that he likes people with disabilities even less. Perhaps I am being too harsh. Perhaps he dislikes everyone the same.

How can any leader continue his vacation when there is such a disaster in his own country? How can he accept help from Mexico and any other country when we are supposed to be the leader of the world? How can he sit there and allow people to starve for five days?

Not a single one of my Bush supporting friends have been able to answer that question.

If we asked Bush, he wouldn’t know the answer either.
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