Natural Healing

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Ariel SilverSpirit

One of my deepest passions is our right to be healthy through natural healing. Although I believe natural healing is best, I also believe everyone has the right to choose the kind of care they feel is best for them, whether it’s pharmaceutical or natural. Being healthy is not a privilege, but a right.

Sadly, those who are privileged have access to anything they want, while we’re forced to take whatever pittance we’re given, which is often below quality standards, barely adequate, and barely affordable.

Then they have the nerve to treat us as if we don’t deserve anything. If we choose natural care, our choices are even fewer.

The right to choose natural care is an ongoing battle, because the medical industry has, for decades, waged war on natural healers and natural remedies. I first realized this when I went to an herbal shop and asked for a recommendation.

When the man said he couldn’t give me one, I realized what was going on, rephrased the question, which got better results. What I discovered was, the medical industry even went so far as to restrict the vocabulary of the natural practitioner, which includes labeling of dietary supplements.

This is why so many vitamins have very vague instructions, for, if certain words are used, the one using them is “professing to practice medicine,” and better have a medical license, or get in deep legal trouble.

These laws are a doorway for another scheme that’s been cooked up by the pharmaceutical industry, called Codex Allemintarious, which translates to something like, “food code” in Latin.

Even an unlicensed healer must be careful of their words and actions. Censorship is alive and well, unfortunately. The proposed Codex laws are international, and some countries have already adopted them.

The competition is fierce, with the medical profession wanting us to only use their medicines, treatments, personnel, and facilities, because it means more profit for them. If you choose a natural course of healing, your insurance will likely not pay for it.

Chiropractors fought for many years to be an available, recognized group, which some insurance, including Medicaid, will pay for, but on a limited basis. Although these natural ways have been around for centuries, they’ve become less acceptable, since the man made medicines became more popular.

Because natural care is frowned upon by the “conventional” medical establishment, including strong influence by pharmaceutical companies, there’s little choice of which kind of care we may have, especially those of us who rely on insurance to pay for our needs.

Natural remedies also take longer to work, therefore obviously not as popular as the “quick fixes”, so most people opt for the faster ways. This doesn’t mean the naturals are not good, they just work differently. Healing takes time, just as it does in nature.

Modern, conventional healthcare is sometimes referred to as “traditional,” while the natural ways are called “alternative” or “complementary”.

For the natural caregiver, “traditional,” means natural, of the earth; pre-dating recorded history and the invention of modern medicine. It was used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years, and many are still used today.

When the “New Age” people picked up on holistic healing, they found a treasure chest of information, as old the earth itself.

In our modern world, most people want the instant cure. Who wouldn’t? Especially when we’re in pain, but nature doesn’t work that way in most cases.

It’s understandable why the new medicines became so popular. The natural ways work with nature, while the man made drugs often work against it.

Sure, the pain may subside quickly, but other problems may occur later. Though many natural substances can be toxic, the synthetic ones are even more so. These points should be considered very carefully.

Whether it’s natural or not, everyone has the right to choose which one they want to use. The natural care profession has been enjoying much success, which scares the drug companies, and they don’t like the competition.

This is why they’re so desperate to keep natural care away from us. If they can’t have total control, they’ll try to take over their competition.

In their efforts to dominate healthcare, their tactics have included making false accusations about the quality and ability of the remedies to do their job, as well as questioning the role of the natural practitioner to guide clients in their uses, and give them safe dosages.

For the past 10 years, pharmaceutical companies have been trying to push the Codex scheme to take over the natural care industry worldwide, since they failed at being able to patent the medicinal plants, many of which are indigenous to Native people.

What Codex would do is reclassify natural remedies, particularly vitamins and other dietary supplements, which include digestive aids, and possibly natural sweeteners, as is the case in at least one country that passed these laws.

Once reclassified, they fall under the category of drugs instead of food, therefore taking them out of the hands of the natural practitioners, and placing them in the exclusive control of the drug makers, and medical doctors.

The World Health Organization (WHO), and World Trade Organization, (WTO) who may be headed by, if not directly influenced by, big pharmaceutical companies, what we in the health freedom movement call “big pharma”, have drafted these laws to force any NATO nation, to who may also have agreements with the WTO, must “harmonize” with these laws, which means, a country would create similar laws that would mimic the original Codex regulations and standards; those refusing would face stiff trade sanctions.

Other laws that make it easier for Codex to be adopted include NAFTA and CAFTA, the various “free trade” agreements. The US has one called FTAA. While they may look appealing on the surface, consider the backers of such proposals, and you’ll see who benefits the most.

Aside from this, there’s very little public knowledge of Codex, among other things. Once Codex is adopted, it’ll be very difficult to undo. There are petitions and information sites, to use in writing our reps. These meetings are held in secret, without public input or knowledge. I wonder why!

If you choose natural care, even if you integrate it with modern ways, please find someone knowledgeable in both fields.

Learn all you can about it, and be sure your information is credible. This isn’t always easy, whether it’s on the net or in physical form.

Sometimes it’s hard to know who’s really on our side, so be careful when investigating this, or anything else. Get many sources then decide for yourself. This is true self empowerment, searching for the answers, and making your own judgments.

DISCLAIMER: My information is not a substitute for professional or legal advice. I’m not an expert or authority on these subjects. These are my opinions based on my research and experiences.