Our Resolutions, Your Resolutions

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The first of the year is full of promises. By the end of February, those promises are like Osteogenesis Imperfecta bones…broken! But we at Audacity Magazine want to know your resolutions for this year. Remember to “raise the score in 2004”!

Write us an email at nathasha@audacitymagazine.com and share your resolutions with us. We will post them in February’s issue and you can update us on your progress. Sometimes it is difficult to quit a promise once you have acknowledged it to the world.
Our staff at Audacity have their own resolutions or at least their own thoughts on resolutions.
“My resolution for this New Year is to meet new people and find that special someone who makes me happy as a person. I think once I find that special someone it will be easier for me to go out and be more socialable. I am going to try my hardest to go out and try new things when presented with the opportunities. I wish to all the Audacity readers that their New Year’s resolutions come true and this New Year is full of good health and happiness.”

Michelle Henson
Columnist for Moments with Michelle
“I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. If people want to change things about themselves or their relationships with others they should make that change immediately. Waiting until the first of the year doesn’t make any sense. Another reason for not believing in resolutions is that people make resolutions and do not follow through, which really defeats the purpose.

Therefore, I resolve to never make a resolution again… well, at least until next year.”

Jeff McAllister
Columnist for CultureShock
“I resolve not to make any more resolutions. The harder I try the faster I fail.

Day by day, I’ll get it done.”

Laura Stinson
Columnist of Life with Laura
“I resolve to be a better communicator with friends, family and strangers. Who knows what I am missing by not taking the first step to strike up a conversation?”

Nathasha Alvarez