Outrage and Despair

In Everyone has one, Opinion by Erich Cella

Lifeless bodies float through the wretched waters of the South as rescue units sift through the chaos and look for survivors. Pictures and words are insignificant next to the sickening images of the neglected inhabitants and wreckage that litters the region. The outrage and utter despair painted upon the faces of the survivors was enough to unhinge the bile and excrete ungodly fluids from my stomach.

The anger and disgust that I had for President Bush before the hurricane was tame compared to how I felt after the storm hit, as I saw thousands of people screaming and clamoring for anyone in the federal government to reach out and put out their filthy paws to help when they are needed to provide some hope.

A little compassion would not be that much of an indictment on their character so they won’t have to worry about being kept out of the fire and brimstone of the underworld after their restless souls are delivered in a maggot filled slimy package following their all too welcome demise.

Well, I guess I may be a little off target with those last few statements, I mean they stick out their greedy palms when there’s money to be made. Now that the Gulf Coast is being reconstructed, Bush and his favorite companies are going to be rolling in green and it will end up being a repeat of the botched reconstruction project in the other gulf.

The sinister grin of the president during the press conferences after the disaster was an eerie reminder of the incompetence that is running the country, I used to be able to recognize as America. It must be so unlucky for the president to be in charge during the two biggest tragedies in our history, a military scandal and the largest deficit we’ve ever been witness to. Not only did he manage to mishandle both situations but time and time again he displays the inherit inability to veto a spending bill, which in turn is the reason why we are in this kind of irreversible money pit. Ah, maybe it’s just bad luck.

Now, I don’t know if Bush is a racist, but I know he definitely has no regard for human life especially when they earn a low income or live in the hopelessness and despair of poverty. The fact that it never occurred to government leadership that the residents living in the gulf region may have difficulty evacuating, mainly because they don’t own vehicles and cannot afford any other means of transportation, is a mystery to me and it’s just plain inexcusable.

The lack of ingenuity and the inability to look ahead to foresee the impact of an upcoming situation is light years behind any administration to come before it and it’s an all too costly handicap for the leadership of this country to be endowed with. We have a president who takes a month long vacation during an uncertain and tumultuous time period in our history and then takes his sweet time to react to the hurricane aftermath.

I know it must be difficult for him to have to cut his vacation off a few days earlier, but I guess that’s all just part of growing up. I could just see him throwing a temper tantrum and pouting around the ranch as he had no choice but to act as if he was the president. Once the light bulb lit up inside his hollow cranial cavity and it occurred to him that he could make money from the rebuilding ventures, he was ready for action.

This has the potential to be such a lucrative arrangement for bush and his buddies and it would be a reminder of other examples in which black citizens were exploited for a profit, which would include the horror of slavery. Compassion will always take a back seat to greed as long as this heartless and gutless tortured soul inhabits the pearl castle in the nation’s capital. The vicious cycle will maintain the momentum and continue to impede some sort of humanistic evolution that may separate us from our ancestors.

Well, I guess if evolution isn’t taught in schools, it would turn out to be a moot point.

The most embarrassing aspect of the whole debacle is that the president didn’t step up to the plate and use that good old Texas tough guy persona (he’s really from Connecticut) to alleviate the chaotic climate of the hurricane stricken cities.

I’m just ecstatic to see the set of priorities that are taking precedent over in Washington as they are set to maintain the tax cuts that Bush has been foaming at the mouth to pass and passing some bogus initiative to help evacuees to start small businesses. He feels that the entrepreneurial spirit can reinvigorate the devastated towns and give them a sense of rebirth. It seems like a rock solid blueprint but it’s very difficult to execute when all the people has lost their homes and have no cash in order to eat and take care of their children but now all of a sudden they’re going to start their own lucrative business.

Most of the evacuees didn’t even have high paying jobs to begin with, and you think that some training and a 2,000 dollar credit card is sufficient enough to get these people to rise up and defeat poverty. In order to rebuild the distraught area it’s essential to first make sure every individual survives and then make sure people can afford to nourish themselves and then most importantly, give them some goddamn shelter!

These are just a few of my humble suggestions but what do I know about survival? Common sense should always prevail in situations as horrible as this but as always some nonsensical initiative that’s supposed to jump start the broken down slums in the poverty stricken regions of the U.S., is passed through the frigid chambers of old white man world.

It may be all too easy to be cynical and second guess the government but it’s much more difficult to have faith in this country when there has been gradually eroding societal trend and there has also been a prevailing urge to deny the hypocrisy bleeding through the open sores. A band aide and a neglectful but patriotic mentality will not mend these infected wounds any time in the near future.

Now we have a tragedy occur right in front of our eyes and we see the incompetence and abandonment that was hidden in the past, so maybe the bloated corpses and hopelessness might outrage you enough to where you will keep a watchful eye on the reconstruction. We’ll see in the upcoming months how we can right the ship and get on the right track to helping these people and make sure we don’t forget about them once reconstruction is completed.
Do you think President Bush has done a great job helping the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita?

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