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Hideous Evil
Dear Audacity,
I was raised by nuns, and while they did a good job of keeping me alive, I was thoroughly brain-washed regarding the passion of Christ. I know all the horrible things that occurred and there is NO WAY that anyone would get me to see that film.

I have suffered enough myself and in fact, I now do not consider that Jesus died for MY sins – if anything – I shall die for MY sins.

Thankfully, the good sisters did not consider sickness or physical disabilities as a sign of evil – Got sach Danke- but I am very much alarmed at Mel Gibson portraying disabilities and sicknesses as evil.

I think he has done everyone a great dis-service, not only able bodied but the non able bodied.

What these subliminal messages send to the general public is shame etc…and causes them to never place themselves in the shoes of those whose bodies do not conform to the ‘correct’ image, and people fail to realise St.Francis of Ass’s saying (or was it St. Augustine)
“There but for the Grace of God go I.”

Fortunate members of society never seem to think that disable-ing accidents can occur any time any place. A husband can do a Christopher Reeve (no aspersions on that good man), and become a quadriplegic in the blink of an eye.

A baby can be born to a healthy couple – they could be in the same boat as people portrayed by M.G. as Evil.

I thought we were passed the age of witch-hunts. I think we should all get our act together and individually e-mail M.G. and let him know our assessment of his evil.

From Australia,

Grateful Journal

Dear Audacity,

Just finished reading your Nov. 2003 article Grateful Journal. Thanks for scribing so eloquently the easiest way to get out of a pity party and keeping the joy of life so simple. My name is John Jennings, 18 year T-10 paraplegic and on Wednesday I will be going on a religious pilgrimage to the Healing Shrine in Lourdes, France. We will be bringing 55 disabled folks as our guests on this pilgrimage for a week.

With your permission, I’d like to share this article with some folks while we are in Lourdes. It seems that every year on this trip, the Miracle of Lourdes brings someone from out of their shell or out from the deepest self esteem funk one could ever imagine. Your article’s perspective is really something I’d like to share with these folks that they can and should continue building on life’s joy.

The article would be printed as I’ve found it in Audacity Magazine, with your name credited as the author and I speak highly of your other articles giving folks Audacity magazine’s web address.

Thanks Very Much and I will pray that you continue sharing your gift of writing with us.

John Jennings