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The day I received my computer was a complete life changing moment for me. It’s no exaggeration that’s it’s probably saved my life. I have Muscular Dystrophy and don’t get around well. I don’t get out much due to several reasons. I received my computer three years ago this August. I was new to the internet so I didn’t expect much from it. After learning a few things I was set to go.

There were so many things to do and learn. Learning to email, play games, shop, do research. It was neverending. I didn’t make friends right away but that was expected. But eventually I did and more after that. It’s really nice to have something to look forward to everyday. I know I couldn’t meet nicer people even if I did go out. Friends might be scattered around the world but I believe that that makes it just that much stronger.

Over the last year or so, I have wondered where I would be now if I hadn’ t gotten a computer. I never gave up life but it wasn’t too thrilling either. I get to play games with friends, there’s all types of chat options available on messengers, I can email friends and family who I haven’t seen in several years and talking on a microphone is just a blast. And it’s free.

Not everyone can call long distance or if they can, maybe they can’t hold onto a telephone so the computer offers so much for a person with disabilities. I know it has for me and I’m grateful to still be here to experience a new beginning as you might say, a second chance at life and I expect to take full advantage of it.

Hello, My name is Jason and I have Muscular Dystrophy. I’m 30 years old and I live in New York with my family. I’m a happy guy who likes to chat and hang out with my computer friends. Life is too short and I have a second chance as do many others. Let’s take this chance and use it for the better.

Dear Natasha,

I “stumbled” on this site AND your article, “Just My Bellybutton.” I am disabled like you. Unlike your nearly lifetime of OI, my disability (aVM) was sudden, occurring at age 40.

I am divorced now … likely do to my stroke. I have three kids. Two girls and a boy. They were likely yours and your siblings age when your parents divorced, when I also divorced. My relationship with my kids is, I hope, better now that they are older.

Specifically my relationship with my father (now dead) was over-all good without any hang-ups on my part. We occasionally verbally “battled” and he frequently wasn’t there. Sure, there are a few, “I wishes …” now that he is gone.

After reading your article, I am left with mixed feelings. Your dad is too old to change or to meaningfully say, “I’m sorry Natasha.” The change and forgiveness has got to be 100% from you at this point in both your lives.

Sincerely and with aloha to you,