Ready Set Ride

In Mind, Body & Spirit, Pushing Forward by Michelle Henson

Ready Set Ride is a major part of my life now that I have been riding for over a year. I love being part of such a loving and tranquil environment where everyone feels welcome. I was born with Cerebral Palsy that affects all four of my limbs. My muscles are tighter causing me to walk differently. With the help of physical therapy and the therapudic riding facility, Ready Set Ride, I have noticed significant changes each time I ride.

I have noticed improvements after each ride. Ready Set Ride has given me numerous benefits such as balance, upper body strength, better mobility, looser muscles, and a better walking pattern. Each one of these factors adds to my daily life and makes it easier to get around. I also love the horses with all of my heart each one holding their own personality and gentle ways. The horses give me a sense of a normal walk and independence.

I thoroughly enjoy riding bareback! At first, it was a little intimidating but it allows me to feel the heat that the horse generates. All the horse’s muscles moving underneath me. I can even feel when they are about to cough which is also really neat. I also take pleasure in trotting because it is really revitalizing to go so fast. I feel as if I am part of the horse. I will never be able to express to anyone how much the program, Ready Set Ride, has improved my life.

I would recommend that all physically challenged people be involved in such an enriching program that helps you grow as a person. I have learned so much about horses from Ready Set Ride and the many things you need to know in order to own them. My goal is to rescue a retired racing horse, or a horse that is in need of a home someday in the future.

Thank you Robyn Conway for all you do for the physically challenged people.

You are truly a wonderful giving person Robyn and I consider myself to be blessed for having the opportunity to participate in Ready Set Ride. Not to mention, all of the volunteers who work each day to help others for their own pleasure alone. I think it is wonderful what all of you are doing for the disabled community. You are all setting a great example for all of us to follow about giving and recieving much more.