In cultureShock, Entertainment by Shaun Dawson

In his autobiography “And There Was Light”, Jacques Lusseyran tells the tale of how he was blinded in an accident at the age of 8, became a teenage member of the French Resistance during WWII: was betrayed, captured and subsequently interrogated by Nazi SS officers, leading to his final incarceration in Bushenwald concentration camp.

Jacques managed to use his blindness as a foil, exposing the prejudices of the Nazi SS; they couldn’t believe a blind man capable.

Adapted for the stage by a blind writer Maria Oshodi, Resistance uses physical theatre, experimental dance and live audio description (cleaverly incorporated with the script; no audience members have to wear headphones.)

Through several research and development projects Extant have evolved new methods of blind stage-craft improving the creative access for visually impaired performers and audiences within theatre.

Performed by six professional blind and Visually Impaired actors, Resistance unfolds with a tense and excting narrative.

The action flicks between time, perceptions and perspectives to uncover the deep mystery at its heart and of Jacques’ discovery through his blindness of a deeper perceptual awareness of the world.

Resistance tours nationally from the 4th March till 1st May 2005.