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The re-tour of a play, in one act, followed by an epilogue, primarily set in a Gestapo interrogation room in Paris in 1943. A mystery develops from the outset; how could the arrested, blind teenager have anything to do with resistance activities against the occupying Nazi army?

Extant Theatre, the only UK blind theatre company, tour their highly acclaimed new play Resistance in the UK, France & Croatia (scroll down for tour details).

Resistance explores the extraordinary true story of Jacques Lusseyran, a blind, teenage leader within the French resistance movement of occupied Paris during WWII. In his autobiography “And There Was Light”, he tells the tale of how he was blinded in an accident at the age of 8, became a member of the French Resistance: was betrayed, captured and subsequently interrogated by Nazi SS officers, leading to his final incarceration in Buchenwald concentration camp.

Jacques manages to use his blindness as a foil, exposing the prejudices of the Nazi SS; they couldn’t believe a blind man capable, and discovers, through his blindness, a deeper perceptual awareness of the world.

Adapted for the stage by blind writer Maria Oshodi, Resistance uses physical theatre, experimental dance and live audio description (cleverly included within the script; no audience members have to wear headphones).

Performed by 6 professional (blind, visually impaired & sighted) actors, Resistance unfolds with a tense and exciting narrative. The action flicks between time, perceptions and perspectives to uncover the deep mystery at its heart.

Darlington Arts Centre. DL3 7AX

Weds. 21st Sept.


Ticket Office: 01325 486 555

£8.50/£6.50 conc.

The Paul Robeson Theatre, Hounslow TW3 1ES

Fri. 23rd September 7:30pm

Ticket Office: 0845 456 2840

£8/£6 conc.

Nottingham Arts Theatre. NG1 3BE

Mon. 26th Sept.


Ticket Office: 0115 947 6096

£10/£5 conc.

Dorton House School (RLSB)
Near Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0EB

Weds. 28th Sept
Information: 020 8964 5060 or

Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, Halifax HX1 1QG

Fri. 30th Sept.


Ticket Office: 01422 349 422

£9/£5 conc. under 25’s £3

ADAPEI des Yvelines, Versailles, France

Tues. 4th Oct.
Information: 020 8964 5060 or

Chateau Amphitheatre, Lycée International, Paris, France

6th Oct.

Information: 020 8964 5060 or

Blind in Theatre (BIT) Festival, Zagreb, Croatia

Sun. 9th Oct.

Information: 020 8964 5060 or

The Albany, Deptford, London. SE8 4AG

Thurs. 13th Oct.

Ticket Office: 020 8692 4446


£8/£5 conc.

For further details contact:
Shaun Dawson
Turtle Key Arts
Ladbroke Hall, 79 Barlby Road
London W10 6AZ
Tel: 020 8964 5060
Fax:020 8964 4080