No Resolutions, Only Solutions

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A graphic that reads: Our choices show us what we truly are far more than our abilities.

I’m welcoming more solutions and discarding the notion of resolutions. Will you join me? Do you give yourself resolutions and then stop them? Better yet, do you read a gazillion blog posts about resolutions and how to keep them then find that the posts didn’t help either?

It’s time to get serious. Why do we make resolutions?

We make resolutions because we want to change certain areas of our lives that bother us. But making a promise that we won’t keep is a waste of time.We actually feel worse than before the resolution.


As an English teacher, I think the problem with the word resolution stems  from its prefix re which means to do over again. Why do we bother to promise to do something over again that didn’t work the first time? That’s insane.

We should be focusing on solutions that work for us. If it doesn’t work for us, let’s not do it again.

This year when you find a solution for something that you think others can incorporate into their lives tweet it out with the hashtag #NoResolutionsOnlySolutions. I will be following that hashtag and retweeting them as well. Why keep a good thing all for yourself right?

Let’s start on it now. This might not be the solution to everything but having three words has helped me solve many problems.

Three Words

I was listening to Chris Brogan awhile back and he spoke about having three words as a way to focus on your goals. Not having resolutions that tend to be vague or use negative wording in them like “Don’t eat candy” or “Work harder.” Because realistically, the more you say don’t eat candy, the more you want to eat that candy and all the other candy you see. How can you possibly measure “work harder”? Clearly, we needed a solution.

The solution is to use three words to keep you aligned with your purpose and mission. For example, when I heard Chris talk about them in one of his webinars I started thinking about my three words. I came up with OBSERVE, PROCESS, EXECUTE.

I loved those three words. They did more for me than putting up five resolutions. They helped me find solutions. I observed a situation, made a process that I thought would work then executed the plan. If it didn’t go as intended I went back to observing what went wrong, made adjustments to the process and executed it again.

I love the three words so much that I intend on keeping them around for another year.

If you decided to do this, let me know in the comment section. I’d love to know your three words. Tweet them out too. Use this hashtag #threewords

Until then, let the audacious journey continue.


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