Salsa Here, Salsa There

In Domestic Bliss, Wheel Delicious by Nathasha Alvarez

Nowadays, everyone wants to eat healthier but they want to spend less time in the kitchen. Parents worry that their children are not eating enough vegetables. No need to worry. Here is a simple food that has been around forever but perhaps you may have over looked it at a party as more than a dip for your chip. That ever popular salsa dip!

It has no calories, pure vegetables, kids love it, and it goes with many main courses.

A turkey sandwich will have less calories and taste better then the usual mayonnaise if you spread salsa instead.

A baked potato will be healthier if it is filled with beans and salsa instead of sour cream.

A steak, rice, and salsa on the side makes a scrumptious main course.

Tired of the same fattening salad dressing? Use salsa for that extra spice.

It comes in mild, mediun, and hot. Different varieties add a delectable texture to your food.

Try it and let us know what you think?