Second Life: A Second Chance for the Disabled?

In Here's the Spin, News by Nathasha Alvarez

Computer games can take you into a different world but it seems that, an online virtual reality game can do that and much more.

Everything you always wanted to do but couldn’t is now available in this online game that has attracted an international group of people from teens to senior citizens. But are there people with physical disabilities in there, too?

That is a tricky question. You see, allows people to make themselves look any way they want. When I found out about it, I went looking for physically disabled people. is a more realistic version of The Sims.

The avatars are made with such precision that people are constantly updating their looks. There is a profile that you can fill out to share information with others and even an area to place your real life picture if you so desire.

The game is free but some people pay for the premium membership to enjoy the extras that the game offers. A person can buy land, own a home, rent it out, sell clothing, furniture, or become a builder of things for Lindens which is currency.

If you wanted to be a dancer all of your life, you have a chance to earn lindens at numerous nightclubs where the music is live and so are the disc jockeys. Everything there is run by people like you and me for fun or for lindens.

Want to feel powerful? You can get a job as security for a mall, a bank, a jewelry store or a nightclub.

The choices are endless. Some people spend their time flying, driving, skating, surfing, swimming and anything else that someone can come up with in there.

For some players, the best part of is the sex and the anonymity. It is not required to put your real name or anything real about yourself. This has given an open door of freedom to people who want to have virtual sexual encounters with strangers.

In fact, it appears that almost every area in has a place to explore a person’s sexual side.

However, there is a totally fun nonsexual side to the game as well. A person can choose to play games like SLINGO and Trivia Pursuit with others or they can listen to a live concert.

I explored many areas and asked many questions until I was lead to a place called WHEELIES where a guy named Simon runs a group and nightclub. The beauty of it is that he is disabled in real life or so we are told. While venturing there, I found a wheelchair and I quickly sat in it to see how that would be.

No surprise here. The minute I traveled to other locations in the wheelchair, the magnet of men that I was attracting before the wheelchair came to a screeching halt.

The cool part was that there was a wheelchair and that the entire place had ramps and elevators.

The choice of being disabled or not is there which we don’t have in the real world.

You should definitely check out the place and venture into another world where your disability can take a backseat and adventure is the driver!

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See in you the secondlife!!!

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