Second Life Gives Readers a Second Chance

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Dear Audacity,

I read the article about Second life, signed up and I love it! After a freak accident, my right leg had to be amputated. I am still adjusting to the entire new life. I miss doing some of the activities I did before the accident. People say that I will do them again…some day.

With I can do them now! It’s not completely the same but it is as close as I can get before I am ready to do it in real life.

Thank you!

Martina S.
Nova Scotia

Dear Audacity, is crazy! I am hooked!

I swim, ski, fly, and am now a proud of owner of a house with all of the amenities that my real life doesn’t allow me to afford.

Great game! I recommend it to other disabled people who want to live out wild fantasies.

New York City

Dear Audacity,

Your article on Second Life intrigued me enough to sign on. I spent several hours exploring different lands. I consider myself an export.

Sometimes my MS gets in the way of normal everyday life. My social life is down to nil in real life but on SL I am the king of the party.

I have hosted several parties on SL and own a skybox that is a great bachelor pad for the ladies. *wink*

Thanks for telling me about it.
Keep up the good work.


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