Sex and the City Spoke to Me

In Columns, Just My Bellybutton, Opinion by Nathasha Alvarez

The movie, Sex and the City, was great! I loved the way they discussed love, relationships, and life!

It is an empowering movie if you are suffering from a broken heart, it is an inspiring movie if you are starting over, and it is entertaining if you have been there and done that!

The movie reminds us that we must never lose our individuality. There are times when we give too much of ourselves in the name of love and in the end the return is not as big as we hoped.

The movie would not be as great had I not seen the gradual inner growth of the four main characters in the HBO series.

This is the kind of movie that you can talk about for hours afterwards with your best friends.

There is a part in the movie when the main character, Carrie, says that there is a finite number of tears that a person can shed over another person. When she said that, I had to eagerly nod in agreement.

It’s these little tidbits that make us cheer these women on throughout their ups and downs. We know what they are thinking because we have been there too.

Of course, some of you might say, “Yeah, now add on our disability!” I agree! But, that doesn’t make their pain any less painful than ours.

As a physically disabled woman, I can honestly say that when my heart breaks it is rarely because of my disability. It’s because my heart is as vulnerable as every other woman’s heart.

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