Sex: Is It A Right? Or Is It A Wrong?

In Columns, Just My Bellybutton, Opinion by Nathasha Alvarez

According to scholars who have studied human behavior, all humans must eat, drink, breathe, excrete human waste and have physical affection. Almost all of these needs are met for everyone even the disabled community.

All but one are guaranteed under the ADA. Can you guess which one? That’s right! The fun one. Physical affection! We all need it, crave it, and love it. But how many severely disabled people with little or no chance of reaching their 30’s go throughout life without ever feeling the soft caress of another human? More people than we care to realize.

There are accessible disabled bathrooms, accessible entrances to restaurants and equal opportunity to breathe the same air as everyone else. Where does one go to find physical affection? How far can a parent’s hug or kiss go? Remember those days when Mommy kissed the boo boo to make the hurt go away? As time goes on, Mommy’s kisses need to be replaced with stronger kisses and then some.

Where can some severly disabled people find this affection when they are out of the mainstream of life? Or maybe their disability makes dating difficult? It is not located in the phone book. Vocational Rehabilitation doesn’t have a special program even though it is important for rehabilitating. And so far The Make-A-Wish Foundation has yet to publicize this service. If it wasn’t for one of the oldest professions in the history of the world, many disabled people would never experience physical affection. This is not a solution for everyone nor does it mean that I think prostitution is correct. However, it is the best available option to meet the demands of so many disabled people that have never felt those exotic touches seen only on the television or movie screen. For example, in the movie MASK which is based on a true story, the main character, Rocky Dennis had a problem with girls. His mother realized his dilemma and hired a prostitute because she knew that his life span was limited and that the hooker would fulfill a basic need that she could not.

There are those people who find it morally wrong to hire a prostitute. I am in that category. However, there is an exception. Sex is often a wonderful therapeutic activity. Some disabled people rarely mingle aside from family members. A prostitute can meet the needs that family members are unable to perform for their loved one.

As difficult as it is for parents to speak to their able bodied child about sex, it is probably even more difficult for them to see their disabled child who they have to dress, feed, bathe and take care of as an adult with adult desires. But it is a reality they must face. Not every disabled person must start looking for a prostitute. That is not the point at all. However, for people who are extremely physically limited and have had limited social interaction with people to whom they find themselves sexually attracted, one of the oldest professions in history maybe the most modern solution of today.