Shimmery Skin for Summer

In Colorful You!, Fashion & Beauty by Starr Vaughn

You’ve seen it on magazine covers and in ads declaring smooth, luminous skin that radiates perfectness. It’s all the rage this summer. Shimmer lotions and sprays that make your skin look gorgeous with a hint of color. Designers use it on their runway models to help define and make their body more eye catching. But now, it seems like everyone is wearing some kind of skin enhancing lotion. There is no doubt about it, sparkly skin is in!

There are literally hundreds of different products that all do basically the same thing. Some are more expensive than others but have more of an impact on your appearance. I currently use Ultima II’s “Glowtion”. A pink-bronzed toned lotion that gives your skin a slight glow. It comes in a huge bottle that has lasted me over a year and costs about $18.99. You can get them at most pharmacy stores. But don’t worry, there are much more cheaper versions that get the same results as the more expensive brands. For example, Jergens new “soft shimmer” lotion, which you can find basically anywhere for about $4.99. It will give your skin a slight shimmer that looks great on any skin tone. You can also find other products at popular discount stores for about the same price as Jergens.

However, there are the designer brands for people who are willing to pay the designer price, like Nars “Body Glow”. This is the kind that runway models use on the catwalk. It’s an oil set in a bottle that makes your skin unbelievably radiant and shiny. It is made from coconut oil and then blended to give it a chocolaty color that makes you feel like you’ve just came from the Bahamas. But, you will pay a hefty price if you want to snag a bottle. A 4 oz. bottle will set you back $55.

This year, Lancome has come out with a line of products devoted to luminous, bronzed skin called, “Star Bronzer.” You have your choice of a huge powder compact that you can use on

your entire body or a cute little brush that squirts out powder, or a bottle of dry oil that you can spray on that has the same tactics as Nars. They range from $30-$45. The best part about this is you can sample it for free before emptying your wallet. Go try all of them out at any department store that sells Lancome, but I have to warn you, you may become addicted!

Whether you want a slight shimmer or a total radiant body, it all depends on the products that you choose for your skin. But, the fact is the summer days are all about showing off your radiant skin and these products will most definitely acheive that goal.