Soulmate Search

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I believe before a baby is born, they map out what kind of life they want to live, sort of like a blue print of every minor detail, they will have to overcome in their lifetime. This blue print includes a soul mate that they will have to meet up with at some point in their life. I always hear of stories where someone says it was love at first sight, and they never felt anything like it before. I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone, and it is just a matter of finding him or her. When a person is born, they choose their parents and the lifestyle they wish to experience.

When it comes to the issue of your soul mate, I think that person completes you, and makes you a better person to be around. That one person can see your inner beauty, and loves you for everything that you are as a person.

That special someone can see things about you that no one else ever noticed, or thought was of no importance, and passed you right up. Your soul mate just loves to be in your presence, and can sense your every desire.

Have you ever wanted to do something so badly, but had a reason you couldn’t, yet later realized that desire could have cost you something important? I have always heard and believed that you are put on earth to accomplish things that you were lacking in another lifetime. I am still waiting to find my soul mate, and when I do finally find that special someone, I know I will not take them for granted. I really yearn for that missing piece in my life, and I think many physically challenged people also feel the same way.

I have always found it discouraging not to have relationships that most people experience. Now, I am not blaming my disability by any means, but sometimes I wonder if it would be different if I were not physically challenged. I also find it funny that many people think that if you are physically challenged, you should marry someone who is also physically challenged. It is aggravating to me that people can be so narrow-minded. That’s like saying you have to stay in your same race, which I also disagree with. There should be no limitations placed on love … you don’t choose who you fall in love with.

You should pursue whatever makes you happy as a person so you have no regrets in the end, because you only have the opportunity to live once. Don’t let other people decide your destiny, because you are the one who has to live with the choices you make–no one else does. Be your own person; be a leader not, a follower; and pick your own pathways in life. Just remember, when you feel as though you are alone and can’t find that special someone, he or she is out there thinking the same thing, and you will eventually meet one another. When you least expect it, love will creep up to your doorstep and knock you flat on your face. You are unique–no one person is exactly like you. Therefore, no one can live your life but you.
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